Alesi ‘not in favour’ of grid kids project

Feb.7 (GMM) Former F1 driver Jean Alesi says he is no fan of Liberty Media’s new “grid kids” initiative.

F1’s new owners caused an international storm when it was announced that grid girls will be banned in 2018. In their place, children will hold the drivers’ grid boards instead.

Former Ferrari driver Alesi weighed into the controversy when asked by Italy’s Motorbox what he thinks about the introduction of Halo this year.

“I can state absolutely that I am in favour of the Halo,” said the Frenchman. “It is a pity that the aesthetics of the cars will be affected, but the most important thing is the safety of the drivers.

“On the other hand, I am not in favour of either the abolition of the grid girls or the new grid kid project,” Alesi admitted.

“By abolishing the grid girls, we have eliminated a well-oiled system that allowed many women to work.

“I am in favour of highlighting young athletes and drivers, but not in this way,” he added.

Finally, Alesi commented on the fact that his son Giuliano has been re-signed not only by the Ferrari junior academy for 2018, but also by the GP3 team Trident.

“I expect good results,” Alesi snr said. “Working with the academy is a guarantee — Giuliano can thrive without rushing.”

However, when asked if he would like to see his 18-year-old son test a formula one car soon, Alesi answered: “I would lie down in front of the pit exit!

“Giuliano must only think about GP3. If he wants to sit in a formula one car, then he can jump in one at home and I’ll take a picture.”

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