Toro Rosso can win with Honda – Key

May 18 (GMM) Toro Rosso remains happy with its new relationship with Honda.

James Key, the junior Red Bull team’s technical boss, said that unlike McLaren in the past three years, Toro Rosso is enjoying working with the Japanese manufacturer.

“The honeymoon is long over,” he told Speed Week. “The relationship has already become much deeper. The cooperation is exemplary.”

Key said being a works team is a novelty that Toro Rosso is not used to, but is enjoying.

“It’s a challenge that we gladly accepted,” he said. “We have never had the opportunity to work so closely with an engine manufacturer. We have more responsibility as a factory racing team.

“It’s a completely different situation to being purely a customer,” said Key.

“Life at the track is easier as I find that Honda responds to each of our wishes.”

The latest reports reveal that Toro Rosso’s owner Red Bull is now in talks with Honda about a supply of Japanese engines for the main F1 team.

But Key said Toro Rosso can win with Honda.

“Where are the rules that say the other teams can’t win?” he smiled.

“I think it’s feasible that we can catch up with the best teams. And with a bit of luck, a podium finish is definitely possible.

“In the longer term, we want to get in a position to win races with Honda,” Key said.

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