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Pole time - Juan Pablo Montoya - 1:52.072 (wet to dry track)
Pole time in 2000 - Mika Hakkinen - 1:50.646

Belgian GP - Qualifying session:

Juan Pablo Montoya grabs his second pole position of the season ahead of team-mate Ralf Schumacher and Michael Schumacher. An amazing Frentzen in the Prost was 4th ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Jacques Villeneuve!
Hakkinen, Fisichella, Coulthard and de la Rosa make the top 10. Both the Arrows and Minardi's have failed to set a time inside the 107% mark but they will be likely to race due to the exceptional circumstances.

60 min: Michael Schumacher moves into 3rd and Frentzen in 4th!

60 min: Montoya provisional pole with a 1:52.072.

60 min: Montoya flying!

60 min: Chequered flag but most drivers are on their final run!

59 min: Ralf Schumacher takes it from his with a time of 1:55.531. 

59 min: Montoya grabs provisional pole with a 1:55.875.

58 min: Barrichello, Montoya and Ralf on flying laps.

58 min: Nick Heidfeld has a problem and stops on the side of the track. He is in 9th at the moment.

57 min: Hakkinen pits for slicks, time is running out!. Raikkonen moves into 6th!

56 min: Alesi takes 6th place with a time of 1:59.128.

55 min: Coulthard takes 3rd with a time of 1:58.008. Both Williams on dry tyres.

54 min: Mika Hakkinen doesn't improve. Villeneuve on dry tyres!

53 min: Mika Hakkinen on a fast lap!

52 min: Only 8 minutes to go and everyone is waiting to see if any driver will go out on dry tyres!

51 min: Juan Pablo Montoya in 5th has only done 1 run and 1 flying lap!

50 min: Enrique Bernoldi makes the 107% mark but that will still depend on whether the top time will drop further.

50 min: Pedro de la Rosa takes 9th away from Trulli. Track continues to dry. Hakkinen on track.

49 min: Marques improves and is now within the 107%.

48 min: Nick Heidfeld moves into 7th. Trulli into 9th.

47 min: All the drivers have set times however Marques and Bernoldi are outside the 107% mark

46 min: Fisichella moves into 6th fastest. Impressive from the Benetton driver.

45 min: Michael Schumacher is 0.856 seconds ahead of Hakkinen at this stage.

44 min: Michael Schumacher improves in 1st with a time of 1:56.921. Barrichello moves into 3rd.

43 min: Michael Schumacher on his second run looking set to improve.

43 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Montoya, Barrichello, Villeneuve, R Schumacher, Trulli, Alesi and Frentzen.

43 min: Montoya takes 4th. The track is drying and the times are dropping!

42 min: Barrichello moves into 4th and Ralf Schumacher in 5th now.

42 min: Mika Hakkinen moves into second with a time of 1:58.370. Alesi moves into 5th.

41 min: Ralf Schumacher on track.

40 min: Michael Schumacher takes provisional pole with a time of 1:57.271.

39 min: Michael Schumacher fast! - Villeneuve moves into 3rd.

38 min: Mika Hakkinen improves but remains in second with a time of 1:58.919. Panis in 4th.

38 min: Coulthard takes provisional pole with a time of 1:58.894.

37 min: Villeneuve goes 5th with a time of 2:01.782.

36 min: Mika Hakkinen continues and is improving on his second flyer. Michael Schumacher on track.

36 min: Top 6 - Hakkinen, Heidfeld, de la Rosa, Irvine, Alonso and Marques.

35 min: Mika Hakkinen takes provisional pole with a time of 2:00.724.

34 min: Panis and Coulthard on the track. There is going to be a lot of traffic now!

33 min: Nick Heidfeld does 2 flying laps as well and re-takes provisional pole with a time of 2:01.094. Villeneuve, Verstappen and Bernoldi join.

32 min: Eddie Irvine takes provisional pole with a time of 2:01.651. Marques does another flying lap on his first run and clocks a time of 2:05.251.

31 min: Mika Hakkinen and Fernando Alonso on the track.

30 min: Nick Heidfeld sets a time of 2:02.277. The track is still very wet in some parts!

29 min: Tarso Marques sets a time of 2:28.548!

29 min: Nick Heidfeld starts his flying lap.

28 min: Eddie Irvine on the track too as well as Pedro de la Rosa

27 min: Tarso Marques spins on his flying lap!. Heidfeld on the track.

26 min: Tarso Marques is the first man on the track - Finally! This will be Marques' last qualifying this season as Alex Yoong will take over from the next race.

25 min: It has been an unpredictable weekend so far with rain interrupting the second practice session yesterday, fog cancelling a practice session today and a wet qualifying! - what next!

20 min: One third of the session has lapsed and still no one on the track. It is unlikely that the drivers will be able to complete their allocated 12 laps within the remaining 40 minutes!

17 min: A few patches of clear sky are starting to emerge. The rain has stopped but every driver is waiting for the others to go out and start drying the track. 

15 min: No cars out yet. Both Williams and McLaren appeared strong in the only practice session today. Fisichella in the Benetton was also strong finishing 6th fastest.

12 min: Michael Schumacher has had a bad day so far struggling in the wet and not covering a single lap under dry conditions. He did set the fastest lap yesterday and was looking very strong.

10 min: No one has come out yet!

8 min: Only 12 laps are allowed for each driver. Drivers usually go out for 4 runs of 3 laps each (Out-lap, flying lap and an in-lap)

6 min: The rain appears to be easing now but no one wants to go out first as the track is very wet. This will surely make the session exciting and the grid unusual!

5 min: This is the first qualifying session this season that is run under wet conditions. It is tricky as the teams rely on weather forecasts to decide whether to get their cars out or not. Of course weather forecasts are never 100% accurate!

Session underway and the rain continuing to fall. No one on the track as it is expected that the rain will stop soon!

Session starting at 1:00 PM  local time. It is rainy with the air temperature at 15 degrees.