1/18 Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher '75 GP Wins' 2004
Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher
75 GP Wins 2004


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Fastest lap : Michael Schumacher - 1:11.072
Fastest lap of the session in 2001: Mika Hakkinen - 1:11.751

Austrian GP - 1st Friday Practice

Final Order: Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa, Nick Heidfeld, Giancarlo Fisichella and Takuma Sato make the top 6.
Coulthard, Frentzen, Villeneuve, Panis, R Schumacher, Montoya, Trulli, Button, Irvine, Bernoldi, McNish, Raikkonen, Salo, de la Rosa, Webber and Yoong make the rest of the field.

60 min: No improvements.

60 min: Rubens Barrichello goes off! - Yellow flags

60 min: Final lap!

59 min: Raikkonen improves into 18th!

58 min: Felipe Massa takes 3rd from his team-mate while Panis takes 10th from Ralf. So far Bridgestone seem to have an advantage with only 1 Michelin runner in the top 10.

57 min: Fisichella moves into 5th while Yoong improves in 22nd over 1.5 seconds slower than his team-mate Mark Webber.

56 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Barrichello, Heidfeld, Massa, Sato, Coulthard, Frentzen, Fisichella, Villeneuve and R Schumacher.

55 min: Frentzen improves again and moves into 7th. Villeneuve into 9th!

54 min: Frentzen takes 11th and Trulli and Villeneuve improve to 12th and 13th respectively.

53 min: Interesting that the 2 McLarens have done the least amount of laps so far with Raikkonen covering just 7 laps and Coulthard only 8.  

52 min: Once again it seems that Button (11th) is getting the better of Trulli (15th). 

51 min: So far the Ferraris are in a league of their own setting their times in the low 1:11's while Sauber behind them are in the low 1:12's and the rest in the mid 1:12's or higher!

50 min: Villeneuve is finally moving up from the back. He is now in 17th place with a time of 1:13.551.

49 min: Heidfeld in 3rd and Massa in 4th are separated by 0.001 seconds!

48 min: But Michael responds and takes 1st again with a time of 1:11.072. Heidfeld improves in 3rd and Massa in 4th.

47 min: Rubens Barrichello takes first from Michael with a time of 1:11.621

46 min: Massa improves in 4th with a time of 1:12.433. Four Ferrari powered cars at the top!

45 min: Michael Schumacher takes back the top spot with a stunning time of 1:11.821.

43 min: Michael Schumacher is back on the track. Expect the times to drop below the 1:12 mark before the end of this session!

42 min: Apart from Villeneuve who is down in 21st place, the Honda runners look fairly competitive so far.

42 min: His team-mate Takuma Sato goes into 5th!

41 min: Giancarlo Fisichella improves into 6th with a time of 1:12.672.

40 min: Top 10 - Heidfeld, M Schumacher, Barrichello, Massa, Coulthard, R Schumacher, Panis, Sato, Montoya and Fisichella.

39 min: Nick Heidfeld goes fastest with a time of 1:12.129!

38 min: Giancarlo Fisichella moves into 8th with a time of 1:12.907. Heidfeld fast!

37 min: Felipe Massa goes 3rd with a time of 1:12.459

36 min: Nick Heidfeld takes 7th from Bernoldi.

36 min: Enrique Bernoldi improves to 7th with a time of 1:13.170.

35 min: Ralf Schumacher takes 4th while Felipe Massa takes 5th.

34 min: David Coulthard improves and moves into 3rd with a time of 1:12.582 and not too far from the Ferraris.

33 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Barrichello, Panis, Montoya, Coulthard, Irvine, Button, Sato, R Schumacher and Salo.

32 min: Olivier Panis improves in 3rd with a time of 1:12.855. Michael also improves with a 1:12.131. Coulthard moves into 5th.

31 min: Raikkonen's first time is good for 17th place.

30 min: Rubens Barrichello responds and gets to within 0.027 seconds of his team-mate Michael!

30 min: Michael Schumacher improves in first with a time of 1:12.271.

29 min: Olivier Panis moves into 3rd with a time of 1:13.129. His team-mate Villeneuve is in 19th!. Raikkonen is the first of the McLarens to go for a timed lap.

28 min: Stunning! - Michael Schumacher goes fastest with a time of 1:12.393.

28 min: Rubens Barrichello sets the fastest time so far with a 1:12.876. Michael fast!

27 min: Michael Schumacher goes wide on his first timed lap setting a time of 1:22.105. Barrichello flying!

27 min: Eddie Irvine goes into second with a time of 1:13.378!

26 min: Montoya goes fastest with a time of 1:13.288. Neither McLaren nor Ferrari drivers have set a time yet.

25 min: Fisichella moves into second with a time of 1:13.658 while Bernoldi improves with a time of 1:13.724 (3rd).

24 min: Top 10: R Schumacher, McNish, Bernoldi, Heidfeld, Fisichella, Massa, Montoya, Sato, Frentzen and Trulli. 

23 min: Ralf Schumacher takes it back with a time of 1:13.580. McNish in second!

23 min: Stunning! Bernoldi goes fastest with a time of 1:13.876.

22 min: Nick Heidfeld goes second and Fisichella moves into 3rd. Bernoldi on the track and flying!

21 min: Jacques Villeneuve slots behind his team-mate with a 1:17.637.

20 min: Ralf Schumacher moves straight to the top with a time of 1:14.281. Massa moves into second with a 1:14.579. Impressive from Massa given that this is his first time on this track!

19 min: More drivers join in including Heidfeld and McNish. 

18 min: A number of cars are now back on the track including Ralf Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuve and Felipe Massa. 

17 min: Not much action so far. The drivers don't want to practice on a 'green' track as the characteristics of this track change significantly over the weekend. 

16 min: Oliver Panis sets a time of 1:15.935 and takes 3rd.

15 min: Mark Webber improves his time with a 1:15.495.

15 min: It will be interesting to see how the two tyres suppliers shape here.

14 min: Takuma Sato improves his time with a 1:14.871. Panis on the track.

13 min: Mark Webber improves but remains second with a time of 1:16.647. 

12 min: Only 3 drivers have set times so far. This is the first time on this track for those 3.

10 min: Takuma Sato sets a time of 1:15.986 followed by Webber with a 1:16.998 while Yoong improves to a 1:18.801. 

9 min: Takuma Sato and Mark Webber are also on the track. 

8 min: Alex Yoong sets a time of 1:21.232. That is slow! 

7 min: Jacques Villeneuve is also on the track. He is on his installation lap though! 

6 min: Alex Yoong is the first driver to go back out on the track. 

4 min: As usual, the 2 Ferrari's have not gone out yet. They usually go out last. 

2 min: This is the shortest track on the calendar. The cars have returned to the pits after their installation lap. A number of drivers have not gone out yet. 

Session underway and a number of cars go out on the track headed by Mark Webber. Minardi pulled out of the race in Spain following a number of wing failures during the practice sessions. 

This weekend starts with the news that Rubens Barrichello has renewed his contract with Ferrari for the next 2 seasons. Both himself and Michael will end their contracts at the end of the 2004 season. Session starting in 2 minutes.

Session starting at 11:00 AM local time. It is partly cloudy with a temperature of 20 degrees.

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