1/18 Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher '75 GP Wins' 2004
Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher
75 GP Wins 2004


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Fastest lap of the race: Michael Schumacher - 1:09.298
Fastest lap of the race in 2001: David Coulthard - 1:10.843

Austrian GP - Race

The crowds - understandably - are not happy with the arrangement and boo Michael Schumacher as he climbs out of the car and chant BARRICHELLO!  

So Michael Schumacher wins his first Austrian Grand Prix after the team appears to have told Rubens Barrichello to move over and let him take the win. Juan Pablo Montoya finishes 3rd ahead of Ralf Schumacher. Giancarlo Fisichella finished 5th winning 2 points for the Jordan Honda team. David Coulthard takes 6th. 
Button, Salo, McNish, Villeneuve, Frentzen and Webber make the rest of the field.

Final lap: Villeneuve's engine blows up! 

Final lap: Rubens leaves it till the final run and slows down to let Michael win.  

Final lap: Rubens leads by under a second! 

Lap 70: Michael continues to close in on Rubens. Perhaps the order has arrived from Ferrari ? 

Lap 69: Rubens leads Michael by just 1.7 seconds. Montoya is in 3rd ahead of Ralf. 

Lap 68: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race so far with a 1:09.298. Barrichello is slower this lap! 

Lap 67: The fight for 5th and 6th remains close.! 

Lap 66: Rubens leads Michael by 3.8 seconds. Montoya in 3rd is just 1.4 seconds ahead of Ralf. 

Lap 65: Only 12 cars remain. Retirements: Trulli, Yoong, Irvine, Heidfeld, Sato, Panis, Massa, Raikkonen, Bernoldi and de la Rosa.  

Lap 64: A very tight battle between Fisichella, Coulthard, Button and Villeneuve (5th to 8th) 

Lap 63: Rubens Barrichello leads Michael Schumacher by 4.1 seconds. Will Ferrari tell Rubens to move over for Michael. Last year in Austria they asked him to give Michael second place and he was very upset. 

Lap 62: Rubens leads Michael and Montoya. 

Lap 61: Michael pits. He rejoins in second.

Lap 61: Michael about to stop. He was 4 seconds behind his team-mate before the stop.

Lap 60: Barrichello rejoins in 2nd behind Michael. 

Lap 60: Barrichello pits! 

Lap 59: Rubens leads Michael by 4.2 seconds. Ferrari ready for a stop.  

Lap 58: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, Montoya, R Schumacher, Fisichella, Coulthard, Button, Villeneuve, Salo, McNish, Frentzen and Webber. 

Lap 57: Villeneuve chasing Button for 7th runs wide but recovers. 

Lap 56: Barrichello sets the fastest lap of the race so far with a 1:09.320. 

Lap 55: The gap between the Ferraris and the Williams seems enough for them to stop and keep the lead! 

Lap 54: Rubens Barrichello leads Michael Schumacher by 4 seconds. Both have stopped once but may have to stop again. 

Lap 53: He rejoins behind Button in 8th. 

Lap 53: Villeneuve pits from 3rd for his second stop.  

Lap 52: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, Villeneuve, Montoya, R Schumacher, Fisichella. 

Lap 51: Juan Pablo Montoya pits and rejoins ahead of Ralf Schumacher! 

Lap 51: Juan Pablo Montoya about to pit from 3rd. 

Lap 50: Michael closing in on Rubens. Both have yet to stop we expect. 

Lap 49: Barrichello leads Michael by 3.7 seconds. Montoya in 3rd has yet to stop. 

Lap 48: Word on Sato that he suffered a concussion but should be OK. 

Lap 47: Ralf Schumacher rejoins in 5th behind Villeneuve. 

Lap 47: Ralf Schumacher pits from 3rd. 

Lap 46: Williams ready for a pit stop! 

Lap 46: Fisichella takes 7th from Coulthard. He is either in trouble or too heavy! 

Lap 45: It is all happening, Webber gets a drive through penalty for ignoring blue flags (overtaking). 

Lap 44: It appears that the Ferraris are on 2 stops as well as Villeneuve. The WIlliams are on a single stop but have yet to stop but Coulthard maybe on a single stop and has already stopped so watch out for him! 

Lap 43: Alex Yoong retires and so does Jarno Trulli. Only 12 cars left!  

Lap 42: Rubens leads Ralf and Michael. The gap is fairly static at the moment. 

Lap 41: The Ferriars and Williams are currently lapping in the mid 1:10's. Both have yet to stop (we think!). 

Lap 40: Order - Barrichello leads Ralf by 1.9 seconds. Michael in 3rd just 0.8 seconds behind. Montoya in 4th ahead of Villeneuve and Coulthard. Fisichella, Trulli, Button and Salo make the top 10. 

Lap 40: Villeneuve is now in 5th!. This must be a comeback drive from the French Canadian. 

Lap 39: Villeneuve still flying, he took Fisichella and is now chasing Coulthard! 

Lap 38: Barrichello increases the lead to 1.4 seconds. Now it seems the Ferraris and the Williams are on similar fuel loads. Irvine pits possibly to retire ? 

Lap 37: Rubens leads Ralf by 1.1 seconds.  

Lap 36: Race restart - No changes, Barrichello leads from Ralf and Michael. Montoya is 4th ahead of Coulthard and Fisichella. 

Lap 35: Safety car in at the end of this lap. We'll update you on Sato's situation as soon as we learn more. 

Lap 34: Villeneuve was lucky to have served his drive thru penalty while the safety car was out. All the remaining cars have stopped with the exception of Williams. We have a new race now!. 

Lap 33: Order - Barrichello, R Schumacher, M Schumacher, Montoya, Coulthard, Fisichella, Villeneuve, Trulli, Button and Irvine. Retirements: Heidfeld, Sato, Massa, Raikkonen, Bernoldi and de la Rosa.

Lap 32: Sato is now taken away in an ambulance. He appears to have suffered an injury. Lets hope his injuries are not serious.

Lap 31: Button pits as well. Villeneuve takes a drive through penalty for an incident on the first lap when he seemed to have pushed Frentzen off.

Lap 31: Takuma Sato is now out of the car and is being treated next to his car. He is injured but we don't know to what extent.

Lap 30: Coulthard pits and rejoins in 8th.

Lap 30: It appears that Heidfeld spun at the restart due to a touch from Coulthard possibly and the car smashed into Sato who was being lapped!

Lap 29: It appears that Sato has sustained some kind of injury. Heidfeld spun into the side of his car.

Lap 28: Sid Watkins attends to Sato.

Lap 27: Both Sato and Heidfeld are shaken. Sato still in his car.

Lap 27: Nick Heidfeld crashes into Takuma Sato. Massive crash. Safety car out again!

Lap 27: Race restarts!

Lap 26: Safety car in at the end of the lap. Tough luck for Panis, 6th retirement in a row!

Lap 25: Order - Barrichello, R Schumacher, M Schumacher, Montoya, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Salo, Button, Fisichella and McNish. Villeneuve is in 12th after his stop.

Lap 25: Both Ferraris have made a pit stop while Ralf didn't. this indicates a 2 stop strategy for Ferrari while most of the rest are on a single stop. Villeneuve on a 2 stopper too.

Lap 24: Barrichello behind the safety car. Ralf Schumacher behind him followed by Michael Schumacher.

Lap 24: Villeneuve pit too

Lap 24: Both Ferraris pit!

Lap 23: Panis stops on the track. Safety car is out!

Lap 22: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Villeneuve, Salo, Button and Fisichella.

Lap 21: And Rubens laps McNish who is in 11th

Lap 20: Rubens sets another fastest lap with a 1:09.986. About to lap Trulli in 12th!

Lap 19: The pace of the Ferraris could indicate a 2 stop strategy. Villeneuve takes Salo. Spectacular overtaking. He is redeeming himself after the poor Qualifying!

Lap 18: The Ferraris are lapping more backmarkers.

Lap 17: Frentzen spins but recovers. He is back in 17th after an incident with Villeneuve at the start of the race.

Lap 17: Rubens leads Michael by 2.2 seconds. Ralf is now almost 27 seconds behind!

Lap 17: Villeneuve right behind Salo for 7th!

Lap 16: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Salo, Villeneuve, Button and Fisichella. Retirements: Massa, Raikkonen, Bernoldi and de la Rosa.

Lap 15: Villeneuve takes Button from 8th. Barrichello laps Yoong!

Lap 14: Barrichello coming up to lap Yoong! Michael goes even faster with a 1:09.914.

Lap 13: Barrichello sets the fastest lap again with a stunning 1:10.016. He is 1.6 seconds ahead of Michael and 20 seconds ahead of Ralf.

Lap 12: Villeneuve chasing Button. His current pace indicates a 2 stopper

Lap 11: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Salo, Button, Villeneuve and Fisichella.

Lap 10: 17 seconds is the gap now between Rubens and Ralf!

Lap 10: Massa retires. Villeneuve takes 9th from Fisichella!

Lap 9: Barrichello leads Michael by 1 second. Ralf Schumacher is a massive 15.2 seconds behind Rubens!

Lap 8: Retirements so far: de la Rosa, Bernoldi, Raikkonen. Massa in the pits!

Lap 8: Felipe Massa slows down!. Villeneuve passes McNish!

Lap 7: Jacques Villeneuve is flying, he is up in 13th place. He might be on a 2 stopper ?

Lap 6: Order - Barrichello, M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Salo, Button, Massa and Fisichella.

Lap 6: Barrichello responds and sets the fastest lap with a 1:10.870. Raikkonen retires!

Lap 5: Currently the 2 Ferraris are lapping over 1.3 seconds faster than the Williams behind them!

Lap 4: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race so far. A 1:11.092

Lap 3: Rubens Barrichello leads Michael by 1.1 seconds.

Lap 2: Coulthard gets ahead of Raikkonen for 6th!

Lap 2: Both Ralf and Montoya take Heidfeld after he made a mistake

Lap 1: Barrichello leads Michael by 0.4 seconds. Heidfeld is 3rd ahead of Ralf and Juan Pablo. Raikkonen is 6th.

Race Start: Rubens leads, Michael gets ahead of Ralf!. Heidfeld takes 3rd. Ralf 4th ahead of Montoya.

Race about to start!

Formation lap ... cars arriving back at the starting grid!

Formation lap underway ... Mark Webber struggles but gets going.

Michael Schumacher has never won in Austria in the past. In practice he looked untouchable but struggle in qualifying. We'll see if he regains form and dominates. Formation lap in 2 minutes 

In addition to the impressive Saubers, Panis in the BAR Honda was impressive putting his BAR in 9th while all the other Honda runners are starting from 15th or lower. Mika Salo in the Toyota is starting from 10th while the 2 Arrows are in 11th and 12th. Formation lap in 4 minutes 

The first corner will be very interesting with Rubens and Ralf next to each other and Michael and Juan behind them. They all have had clashes in the past. Lets hope we have a clean start today. Formation lap in 6 minutes 

Last year David Coulthard won after starting from 7th. He benefited from a lot of retirements in front of him and a clash between Montoya and Michael. Formation lap in 8 minutes 

The temperature is dropping. Air temperature is at 21 degrees while the track temperature is at 28 degrees. Formation lap in 10 minutes 

Behind the top 4, Nick Heidfeld in the Sauber is 5th and alongside his is his old team-mate Kimi Raikkonen in the McLaren. Brazilian Felipe Massa is in 7th with David Coulthard next to him. Formation lap in 10 minutes 

The pit lane has closed and all the cars have made it onto the grid. Michael Schumacher was the last driver to go out on the track. Formation lap in 15 minutes 

The current weather conditions are more suited to the Bridgestone tyres. There is also a 40% chance of showers during the race which is more bad news for the Michelin runners who are know to struggle in the wet. Formation lap in 15 minutes 

Rubens Barrichello starts from Pole next to him is Ralf Schumacher. On the second row, Michael Schumacher and alongside him is Juan Pablo Montoya. Get set for a thrilling start. Formation lap in 20 minutes 

Formation lap  starting at 2:00 PM local time. It is overcast with a temperature of 23 degrees.

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