1/18 Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher '75 GP Wins' 2004
Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher
75 GP Wins 2004


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Fastest lap of the race: Michael Schumacher - 1:16.462 (Heavily modified track in 2002)
Fastest lap of the race in 2001: Juan Pablo Montoya - 1:41.808 

German GP - Race

Final lap .... Michael Schumacher wins the German Grand Prix for the first time with Ferrari.
Juan Pablo Montoya is second ahead of Ralf Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. Coulthard, Heidfeld, Massa, Sato and Salo make the rest of the finishers!

Lap 66: Now Michael Schumacher eases off as he is way ahead.

Lap 65: Michael leads Montoya by 23 seconds with Ralf Schumacher in 3rd ahead of Rubens Barrichello. David Coulthard is in 5th ahead of Nick Heidfeld. Raikkonen retires. Only 9 cars remaining.

Lap 64: And Montoya now moves into 2nd!

Lap 63: Yes, Ralf has to make a pit stop. It is a strange one, just an adjustment, no fuel and no tyres!

Lap 63: Not really, the reason for Ralf pushing is that he needs to make a stop it seems!

Lap 62: Ralf Schumacher is still pushing, his last lap was a 1:16.623. He doesn't want Michael to slow down in the last few laps.

Lap 62: Giancarlo Fisichella retires with a blown engine!

Lap 61/67: Order - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Barrichello, Coulthard, Heidfeld, Massa, Sato, Salo, Fisichella and Raikkonen. Retirements: de la Rosa, Frentzen, Webber, McNish, Button, Villeneuve, Trulli, Panis, Bernoldi, Irvine.

Lap 60: Eddie Irvine has retired in the pits.

Lap 59: Even though Ralf Schumacher is still pushing. His last lap was a 1:17.090.

Lap 58: It looks like the positions at the front are settled.

Lap 57: Irvine continues to struggle at the back. He goes wide yet again. He is 3 laps down.

Lap 56: David Coulthard about to be lapped by Michael. 12 cars remaining.

Lap 55: Montoya is pulling away from Barrichello at this stage!. At the front, Michael leads Ralf by 10 seconds!

Lap 54: The top 4 still pushing, they are lapping in the high 1:17's at this stage.

Lap 53: Only the top 5 are on the same lap and David Coulthard will be lapped soon. He is over 70 seconds behind!

Lap 52: Michael Schumacher leads Ralf by 9 seconds. Montoya is 22 seconds behind with Barrichello 5 seconds behind Montoya.

Lap 51/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Montoya, Barrichello, Coulthard, Heidfeld, Massa, Sato, Salo and Fisichella. Retirements: de la Rosa, Frentzen, Webber, McNish, Button, Villeneuve, Trulli, Panis, Bernoldi.

Lap 50: Coulthard pits while Bernoldi retires with an engine problem!

Lap 49: And Montoya is ahead of Barrichello in 3rd.

Lap 49: And Montoya pits. It will be interesting to see if he rejoins ahead of Barrichello!

Lap 48: Ralf Schumacher pits. Fuel only!

Lap 47: Williams ready for one of their drivers.

Lap 47: Michael Schumacher pits (8.5 seconds).

Lap 46: Barrichello pits and takes 21 seconds after a refuelling problem!

Lap 45: Heidfeld pits (9.1 seconds)

Lap 44: Michael Schumacher pushing before his pit stop. He sets a 1:16.462! 

Lap 44: And Felipe Massa pits from 7th. (9.4 seconds). He rejoins in 10th 

Lap 43: Second round of pit stops coming up. The Sauber team ready for one of their drivers. 

Lap 42: Rubens Barrichello is only 2 seconds behind Ralf Schumacher while Montoya is almost 19 seconds behind the leader. 

Lap 41: It looks like Ralf Schumacher is now struggling with his tyres. Michael has increased the gap to 7 seconds. 

Lap 41: Panis spins and retires from 6th. Heidfeld now up into 6th!. Only 13 cars remain. 

Lap 40/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Montoya, Coulthard, Panis, Heidfeld, Massa, Sato and Salo. Retirements: de la Rosa, Frentzen, Webber, McNish, Button, Trulli.

Lap 39: Michael Schumacher laps Panis in 6th. 

Lap 38: Raikkonen makes it back to the pits and gets a tyre change and makes it back to the track. He is running last though! 

Lap 38: Jarno Trulli goes off and retires from 13th. Bad race for Renault! 

Lap 37: Kimi Raikkonen goes off, he has a punctured rear tyre. Will he make it back to the pits ?. In any case his race is all but over! 

Lap 37: The top 4 are once again lapping at almost the same pace in the high 1:17's.

Lap 36: Michael Schumacher has lapped Felipe Massa in 9th!

Lap 35: Rubens Barrichello is losing time to Michael and Ralf. He in now 7.4 seconds behind the leader.

Lap 34: Jarno Trulli in 11th gets a drive-through penalty for ignoring the blue flags

Lap 33: Only 15 runners remaining. The top 3 are separated by 6.6 seconds with Montoya in 4th 17 seconds behind the leader. Kimi Raikkonen in 5th is 45 seconds behind.

Lap 32: Jacques Villeneuve retires in the pits. Michael leads Ralf by 3.9 seconds.

Lap 32/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Montoya, Raikkonen, Coulthard, Panis, Massa, Heidfeld and Sato. Retirements: de la Rosa, Frentzen, Webber, McNish, Button.

Lap 31: Montoya pits (7.7 seconds).

Lap 30: David Coulthard pits (7.8 seconds). Williams ready for Montoya!

Lap 29: Ralf Schumacher pits (8 seconds). but rejoins behind Michael!

Lap 29: Williams pit crew ready!

Lap 28: Ralf Schumacher pushing very hard. He sets a 1:16.642. 

Lap 28: Ralf Schumacher leads Juan Pablo Montoya by 19 seconds. Both have to pit though. Michael Schumacher is 3rd ahead of Rubens Barrichello. 

Lap 27: Michael Schumacher pits (8.4 seconds) and Ralf takes the lead. He has yet to pit though! 

Lap 26: And Raikkonen pits as well. Button retires! 

Lap 26: Michael Schumacher leads Ralf Schumacher by 2.4 seconds. Barrichello pits! 

Lap 25: Mark Weber retired in the pits. Allan McNish stops on the track! 

Lap 25/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Montoya, Raikkonen, Coulthard, Panis, Fisichella, Sato and Villeneuve. Retirements: de la Rosa, Frentzen.

Lap 25: Mark Weber pits and so does McNish. Frentzen retires in the pits. 

Lap 24: Michael Schumacher is now 3.2 seconds ahead of Ralf! Barrichello is 1.4 seconds behind Ralf while Montoya is still trying to make up for the time he spent behind Raikkonen and is 18 seconds behind the lead. 

Lap 24: Ralf Schumacher is now pushing hard. A 1:16.880!

Lap 23: Nick Heidfeld pits (8.4 seconds). None of the top 3 teams have pitted yet.

Lap 22: Mika Salo pits (9.2 seconds) and so does Frentzen.

Lap 21: Michael increased the gap to Ralf to 5.4 seconds, that is mainly due to traffic.

Lap 20: Felipe Massa pits - 9 seconds.

Lap 20: Barrichello tries to take advantage of Ralf Schumacher passing Trulli but doesn't make it.

Lap 19: Trulli now being lapped by the leaders after pitting.

Lap 19: The top 4 are lapping within a tenth of a second. All in the mid 1:17's now!

Lap 18: Another fastest lap for Ralf Schumacher, a 1:17.284.

Lap 17: Ralf Schumacher is catching his brother. The gap is down to 3.4 seconds! Barrichello in 3rd is just over a second behind Ralf!

Lap 17: Trulli pits, he seems to be struggling with his tyres. Massa and Fisichella are fighting for 8th. Great stuff!

Lap 16: Massa takes Trulli and so does Fisichella!

Lap 15: Ralf Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race, a 1:17.700.

Lap 14: Felipe Massa is having a fantastic day. He passes Fisichella for 9th.

Lap 14: Michael Schumacher isn't increasing the gap to Ralf Schumacher any more and his lap times are back in the 1:18's.

Lap 13/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Montoya, Raikkonen, Coulthard, Panis, Trulli, Fisichella and Massa. Retirements: de la Rosa

Lap 12: And Panis takes Trulli for 7th.

Lap 11: Eddie Irvine spins yet again but recovers. He is in 19th place.

Lap 11: More overtaking, Panis takes 8th from Fisichella!

Lap 10: And Coulthard manages to get ahead of Trulli for 6th.

Lap 10: Montoya is fighting Raikkonen wheel to wheel through 4 corners and he gets ahead. Fantastic stuff!

Lap 9: Interesting fight for 10th between the 2 Saubers. At this stage Massa is ahead.

Lap 9: Mark Webber is doing very well. He is up into 16th and chasing McNish. He could be on a lighter fuel load though.

Lap 9/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Raikkonen, Montoya, Trulli, Coulthard, Fisichella, Panis and Massa. Retirements: de la Rosa

Lap 8: Montoya is still trying to find a way past Raikkonen with no success.

Lap 8: Jenson Button is in trouble, he has dropped down to 17th now!

Lap 7: Michael Schumacher leads Ralf Schumacher by 4.5 seconds.

Lap 7: Villeneuve takes Button for 12th!. Irvine spins but recovers. He is down in 19th place.

Lap 6: Another fastest lap by Michael, a 1:17.879. track temperature is up to 40 degrees.

Lap 5: Michael Schumacher leads Ralf by 3.4 seconds. Montoya in 5th is pushing Raikkonen!

Lap 4: Heinz Harald Frentzen is in the race after stalling at the start but is 2 laps down!

Lap 4: Felipe Massa overtakes Jenson Button for 10th.

Lap 3: Another fastest lap for Michael, a 1:18.090.

Lap 2: Michael Schumacher sets the fastest lap of the race so far with a 1:18.884. He is 2.5 seconds ahead of Ralf Schumacher

Lap 1/67: Top 10 - M Schumacher, R Schumacher, Barrichello, Raikkonen, Montoya, Trulli, Coulthard, Fisichella, Panis and Button

Race Start - Montoya tries to overtake Raikkonen at the hairpin but fails to do so. de la Rosa in problems!

Race Start - Michael Schumacher stays ahead of Ralf Schumacher. Barrichello remains in 3rd but Raikkonen takes Montoya. Frentzen stalls!

Race Start .... Lights ... GO

Formation lap underway .... all the cars get away without problems.

The track has undergone major changes this year. It is a much shorter track and a slower one too but there are a few overtaking opportunities and there are a lot of run-off areas so expect to see some drivers taking some risks! Formation lap in 2 minutes. 

Michael Schumacher was quickest in the warm-up this morning ahead of his team-mate Rubens Barrichello. Fisichella, Panis and Sato were next in a strong showing by the Honda runners although they might be planning different strategies. Coulthard was 7th and the fastest Michelin runner. Formation lap in 5 minutes. 

Michael Schumacher starts from Pole for the first time since the Spanish Grand Prix, next to him is his brother and Williams driver Ralf Schumacher. Rubens Barrichello is 3rd on the grid with Juan Pablo Montoya alongside him. Kimi Raikkonen starts from 5th on the grid for the 8th time this season while next to him is Jordan's Giancarlo Fisichella. Formation lap in 8 minutes. 

The temperature today is the hottest it has been all weekend. Air temperature is at 29 degrees while the track temperature is 38 degrees. This will have a major effect on tyres during the race. Formation lap in 10 minutes. 

Drama again for Rubens Barrichello as he switches to the spare car and makes it out of the pits just in time!. Formation lap in 15 minutes. 

The pit exit has opened and the cars now head to the grid. Some of the drivers choose to do a couple of installation laps to finalise their race setup. Formation lap in 25 minutes 

Formation lap starting at 2:00 PM local time

Juan Pablo Montoya
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