Manor passes crash tests with 2015-legal car

Mar.6 (GMM) Manor Marussia is on the way to Melbourne.

Although the revived team officially launched its 2015 earlier this week, it was still scrambling to prepare a car for the new regulations.

The modified 2014 car was crash tested on Thursday, with the team now confirming “We have passed”.

“That’s it,” Manor said on Twitter, “we’re all set for Melbourne!”

A spokesman told Germany’s Bild newspaper: “The team has prepared the cars with which it will start the 2015 season. The cars meet the 2015 regulations.

“Later in the season the team will introduce a new specification of the 2015 cars.”

Manor later posted a photo of a truck leaving its Dinnington headquarters, explaining: “That’s our freight leaving for Australia”.

However, key questions remain. Speed Week wonders if Manor, recognising how uncompetitive it will be in Melbourne and given the 107 per cent qualifying rule, will simply attend scrutineering in Melbourne and then pack up for Malaysia.

There is also the matter of, just one week before Melbourne practice, finding a teammate for Will Stevens — and one who has a valid super licence.

“We are in discussion, very detailed and very advanced discussion, with some very quick young guys,” team president Graeme Lowdon told Reuters.

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