Manor still in race to reach Melbourne

Mar.5 (GMM) Manor must still clear high hurdles as it bids to return to F1 this year.

While the former Marussia team’s quest for Melbourne was officially launched at an event in London on Wednesday, the backmarker does not currently have a car cleared to race.

According to Italy’s Omnicorse, Manor is currently headed to Cranfield, where under FIA supervision the modified 2014 car will undergo the mandatory crash tests.

Team boss Graeme Lowdon insists Manor has not simply “taken a 2014 car and shoved a different nose on”.

Indeed, Omnicorse claims the car is still lacking key suspension and bodywork parts, due to problems with key suppliers now demanding up-front payments.

Not only that, Manor has had to make improvements to its brake-by-wire, amid suggestions it will now use the Brembo system that was fitted to last year’s Ferrari.

“Right now the story is survival, understanding what we need to be on the grid and keep the story alive,” new team investor Stephen Fitzpatrick said.

Team president Graeme Lowdon added: “I really hope we get the chance to show what can be achieved.”

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