McLaren, Alonso hit back at ‘creative’ crash rumours

Mar.7 (GMM) Fernando Alonso and McLaren have hit back at reports about the severity of the Spanish driver’s memory loss.

Spain’s El Pais newspaper had claimed Alonso thought he was a 13-year-old kart racer when he regained consciousness after his mysterious testing crash two weeks ago.

“In a few days the championship starts and we ran (run) out (of) imagination,” the McLaren-Honda driver hit back on Twitter.

“I propose a game with RT (re-tweet) to the most creative. WhereDidYouWakeUpToday,” he hash-tagged.

Alonso also revealed that he has returned to physical training, and is confident of kicking off his 2015 campaign in Malaysia, after sitting out Melbourne next weekend.

“30 min bike, 30 swim, 30 gym,” he said. “Malaysia is one of the most demanding races, and we will be at 100pc!”

McLaren similarly played down the extent of its star driver’s memory problems, as team boss Eric Boullier insisted Alonso suffered a “normal concussion”.

“It’s not as dramatic as you read in the media,” he told British television Sky. “Everything is back to normal.”

The Frenchman said Alonso will return to simulator duties soon, and expressed confidence he will pass the FIA’s mandatory medical checks before his Malaysia return.

“They (the tests) have started already and everything is normal,” said Boullier.

However, the ranks of doubters remain, and the latest is former long-time McLaren driver David Coulthard.

“I think there is more to this than we are being told about at this time,” the British commentator told BBC television.

Active drivers are also nervous, as a letter written by the safety-oriented Grand Prix Drivers’ Association president Alex Wurz has been leaked.

The Austrian said he is confident “rumours of an electric shock are false”, but added: “To understand the accident, the causes and the consequences to the drivers’ safety, we need to wait for the medical reports to understand the full picture.

“I am not in a position to tell you anything about Fernando’s medical situation,” Wurz’s letter to the active F1 drivers added, according to the Telegraph.

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