Alonso had 2015 talks with ‘everyone’

Jun.19 (GMM) Fernando Alonso insists he is staying the course with McLaren-Honda, as he very deliberately made the switch from Ferrari at the end of last year.

Many F1 insiders still cannot believe the Spaniard, as arguably the best and highest paid driver on the grid, would leave the newly-resurgent Ferrari to struggle at the back with the stuttering new McLaren-Honda alliance.

But Alonso insists he has no regrets.

“I had five fantastic years in which I was runner-up three times,” he told Movistar TV ahead of the Austrian grand prix.

“Now we see them second in the world championship. So I don’t understand how my time was (perceived as) hell and now we are seeing the rebirth of Ferrari,” said Alonso.

“When I decided to leave Ferrari, there were about 15 frantic days when we talked to everyone except Force India, Sauber and Manor. It was McLaren’s plans for the future that convinced me, and that’s why I chose them,” he added.

Regarding McLaren-Honda’s current situation, however, Alonso admitted: “Perhaps at the start we expected something more, but after the first test in Jerez we realised it would be a year of testing and we would have to suffer.

“Not everyone understands, but F1 is very complex. It’s not like football where you sign up three new players and start to win.

“Here, you have to go through these moments and it is not as fast as you would like and that is what we are doing now at McLaren, even if it’s not visible from the outside.

“We need to be patient, because the results and success will come. Winning with McLaren-Honda is only a matter of time,” Alonso insisted.

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