‘Ferrari should threaten to quit over Monza exit’

Jun.29 (GMM) Ferrari should threaten to quit F1 in order to save the embattled Italian grand prix.

That is the view of the regional Lombardy president Roberto Maroni, as the uncertainty over Monza’s annual place on the calendar continues for now.

He is quoted by Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport: “(Bernie) Ecclestone must realise that he can do whatever he wants, except touch Monza.

“The grand prix at Monza cannot be lost, and on this we are ready to go to war,” Maroni added.

“You cannot for purely economic reasons delete the history of formula one that goes with the grand prix at Monza,” he insisted.

“The right way is to apply pressure, involving public opinion, the Italian government and Ferrari.

“So I would like Ferrari to say ‘If there is no longer a grand prix at Monza, Ferrari will no longer participate in formula one’.

“On Monday I will meet (Sergio) Marchionne for the opening of the Alfa museum and I will talk to him about this,” Maroni said.

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