Hamilton has no interest in ‘mind games’

Jun.18 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton says he is not interested in playing “mind games” in formula one.

The double world champion admits to having idolised Ayrton Senna as a boy, but he says he is not interested in the kind of ‘Senna versus Prost’ battle that also raged off the track.

“Some people like to play mind games,” Hamilton is quoted by the German edition of Playboy, “but I don’t need that.

“What I have to say, I say on the racetrack. Your actions on the track speak louder than any words or any psychological games,” he added.

However, Hamilton’s relationship with his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg has obviously been thorny, and there were times last year when it arguably spilled out of control.

But Hamilton insists: “I pay no attention to it. I laugh and forget about it.

“There is no question that in my career there were times when it would have affected me, but you learn and you build up a wall.”

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