Marchionne tips Mercedes to ‘be reasonable’

Jun.12 (GMM) Sergio Marchionne has tipped Mercedes to be “reasonable” as the sport looks to tweak the engine freeze rules.

In recent days, Red Bull chief Christian Horner has warned that unless the current restrictions on engine development are relaxed, the team’s partner Renault could quit the sport.

But a lot will depend on Mercedes, F1’s dominant force who might appear unlikely to agree to any changes that will require unanimity.

“Toto (Wolff) is not going to want to change anything,” Horner warned recently.

McLaren-Honda’s Eric Boullier, however, thinks the Mercedes chief is already “listening”, as Wolff and Niki Lauda are also “concerned about formula one”.

Ferrari president Marchionne agrees.

“I think Mercedes understands that to regard the rules as a way to protect a position is not right,” he is quoted by Spain’s Marca.

“People who think you can keep an advantage forever should remember what happened to us at Ferrari,” Marchionne added, referring to the fabled team’s slump in the wake of the Schumacher era.

“We spent some horrible years that we are coming out of now. Nothing is permanent,” he is also quoted by Spain’s El Confidencial.

“So Ferrari was as guilty as Mercedes is now,” he said. “Let’s be reasonable about this and ensure we do not lose everything in the meantime.”

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