Ricciardo has ‘learned’ from Canada outburst

Jun.19 (GMM) Daniel Ricciardo has admitted he is staying at Red Bull for now.

Normally F1’s most laughing, grinning and carefree character, the Australian was uncharacteristically grim in Canada amid rumours he might be in the frame to switch to Ferrari.

Ricciardo admits he let his emotions show.

“Looking at where I was (in Montreal) a year ago, having had the happiest day of my life, my first victory in formula one, and then how things turned out,” he said in an interview with Brazil’s Globo. “The lack of results, our slow pace. It all came out.”

So poor was Ricciardo’s return to Montreal, in fact, that Red Bull has given him a brand new chassis for Austria.

But he may also have been internally reprimanded by Red Bull, as he broke ranks, went off-message and suggested that while Renault is obviously struggling, the team is also going backwards.

Indeed, team boss Christian Horner hinted to Austria’s Laola1 that he was not impressed with the outburst.

“Our chassis is being developed a hell of a lot,” he insisted. “Daniel feels only what he has underneath him every two weeks.

“I think it was just pure frustration from him,” Horner added.

But Horner said he is happy with Red Bull’s current drivers, including the young Russian Daniil Kvyat.

“I think that in terms of drivers we are in a very good situation,” he said.

“Kvyat is getting better. Taking into account all the problems he has had, he has done a good job, especially in the last two races,” Horner added.

And Ricciardo, too, has acknowledged that – at least for now – he is also a Red Bull driver. Amid the Ferrari rumours, Dr Helmut Marko insisted the 25-year-old’s contract is “bulletproof”.

Asked if he is free to go on the market, Ricciardo confirmed: “No. Unless Red Bull don’t want me, I should be here next year.”

And that means Ricciardo may have to be patient for now, and learn to avoid Montreal-like outbursts.

“I have learned from what happened in Canada,” he insists. “I analysed what went on, my reaction, and I know I have to lower my expectations and unfortunately leave for now the dream of being on the podium or even the top five.

“I have come to Austria thinking only about getting the most from what I can get from the equipment I have,” Ricciardo added.

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