Current rules stopping Toyota return – Ecclestone

Jul.10 (GMM) The current rulebook is dissuading more carmakers, like Toyota, from entering F1.

That is the claim of Bernie Ecclestone, whose solution is simple: “Let’s tear the bloody rulebook up and start again,” the F1 supremo told the Guardian newspaper.

The problem, he admits, is that he does not see eye-to-eye with the current FIA president, Jean Todt, who favours a ‘hands-off’ and fully democratic approach.

So as Todt’s increasingly high-profile predecessor Max Mosley does the rounds, Ecclestone insisted: “We need someone who will turn the lights on and off, whoever that is.

“But it’s going to happen,” he said, referring to the need for change. “We’re going to make it happen.”

Indeed, the next major shift could be imminent, as the eyes of F1 turn on Friday to Mexico City, scene of the latest World Motor Sport Council meeting.

Ecclestone will not, however, get what he really wants, which is to scrap the current engine rules altogether.

He says the complex existing rules are putting off carmakers like Toyota.

“Look at Toyota, who I know – maybe – would be interested in coming back into formula one,” said the 84-year-old Briton. “But no way would they come back with this power unit.

“They know that they would be in trouble before they start. If Ferrari are in trouble what chance have they got?”

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