FIA did Halo extraction test in Austria

Jul.2 (GMM) Despite some early fanfare in Austria, problems on Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari meant the titanium ‘Halo 2’ did not make its practice debut on Friday.

But the FIA has been working on it in the background anyway, it now emerges.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that a mechanic was sat at the wheel of the Ferrari, under the cover of the controversial cockpit protection system, to determine how easily marshals could pull him out in the event of a crash.

The report said that in one instance, it took marshals 12 minutes to get him out.

“It was the first test of its kind and not about speed,” insisted Charlie Whiting. “We just wanted to know what difficulties would arise.”

The test findings will now be forwarded to a meeting of technical chiefs at Silverstone next week, with a decision about whether Halo will be introduced for 2017 now due.

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