Pirelli hints pressures could come down now

Jul.2 (GMM) Pirelli has indicated that the FIA closing a loophole could mean exorbitantly high tyre pressures can be eased in the forthcoming races.

F1’s governing body has put a stop to teams heating the wheel assembly prior to the tyres being fitted on the grid, which had allowed those tyres to be inflated less but still meet Pirelli’s strict pressure minimums.

It is believed the very high pressures demanded in Austria this weekend are a direct result of those heating measures, which have been spearheaded by Mercedes and Red Bull.

“If the result of the new procedures is the lowering of the starting pressure then we are very happy with it,” Sauber team manager Beat Zehnder said at the Red Bull Ring.

Indeed, Pirelli chief Mario Isola indicated that he could have good news.

“If we find the pressures are now higher whilst driving with the new system, we can once again reduce the initial pressure,” he is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

The drivers will also be relieved, but it seems some would prefer if Pirelli’s guidelines were relaxed altogether.

“I have my opinion but I’ll keep it,” Fernando Alonso is quoted by Marca newspaper.

“It’s the same for everyone, but this is the only category in which you cannot decide how to run your own car,” the Spaniard added.

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