Button happy to retire with one title

Sep.15 (GMM) Jenson Button says he would be happy to retire with just a single world championship under his belt.

Recently at Monza, F1’s longest serving active driver and McLaren announced that Button will take a year out in 2017 but may return the season after.

The 36-year-old Briton said in Singapore it is possible he will do some racing in Japanese GT or rallycross next year.

“I want to live a year that’s not by the formula one schedule — I want to spend more time with my friends, family, and to do other things that I love, like triathlons,” he is quoted by the local Straits Times newspaper.

“The problem is it’s been my life. Everything that follows after a grand prix is either recovery or preparation, so I need something else in my life next year.”

Button also said his ‘sabbatical’ could be more like Alain Prost’s than Mika Hakkinen’s, because while the Finn didn’t ever return, Prost came back to win a title.

But even if he doesn’t, Button said he is satisfied with his career.

“As a kid, the dream was to win the world championship in formula one,” he said. “I’ve reached my goal.

“Would I like to win more? Of course, but would I retire upset? No.”

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