Not every rival critical of Verstappen

Sep.2 (GMM) Not every driver is overly critical of Max Verstappen’s aggressive driving at Spa.

It has emerged that Ferrari’s two drivers have sought out Charlie Whiting for talks.

But not everyone is critical.

“He is a fast driver and he has already shown that he can win races,” world champion Lewis Hamilton said.

“He is also 18 years old, and most of us did some pretty stupid things when we were 18. But I also see an exceptionally talented driver.”

German Nico Hulkenberg added: “It is an art to move at exactly the perfect moment. When it works, I can only pat someone on the back.”

And Fernando Alonso said: “For me, Belgium was ok, but what happened in Hungary was not.

“It was a late movement (at Spa) and maybe Max didn’t really assess where Kimi was, but at this time Kimi was behind so the manoeuvre was fine for me.”

However, Verstappen’s aggression at Spa will undoubtedly be discussed during the FIA driver briefing on Friday.

Asked if the Red Bull star went over the limit last Sunday, Nico Rosberg said: “I didn’t say that.

“But we have to discuss it thoroughly, because we do not all share the same opinion.”

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