Ermilin hopes for three-team fight in 2017

Oct.10 (GMM) F1 could be set for a much tighter title battle in 2017, according to a leading motor racing official.

Igor Ermilin, the presidential advisor at the Russian motor racing federation, said Mercedes’ dominance of the sport for the past three years is not surprising.

“It happens from time to time and has been cyclical for more than 50 years,” he told the Tass news agency.

But he thinks that could all change for 2017, when a group of strong challengers to Mercedes tackle the all-new chassis and tyre regulations.

“Yes, this is possible,” Ermilin said when asked if Mercedes can be beaten, “particularly when looking at the Japanese grand prix.

“Ferrari is close enough, Red Bull has probably always had the best chassis, Renault has developed quite an efficient engine — it is clear that the competition has increased at the end of the season.

“Mercedes is still there, but taking into account the changes in the regulations, I would not be surprised if there is a change in status,” he added.

“It would be very good for formula one if there are three equal teams, because Mercedes’ advantage is too high and a little boring,” said Ermilin.

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