Magnussen says Halo view ‘not good’

Oct.29 (GMM) Kevin Magnussen has criticised the Halo cockpit protection system after trying it during practice in Mexico.

The debut of the system has been delayed until at least 2018, but the FIA is determined that every driver give his feedback by testing it in practice sessions and answering a questionnaire.

But Halo did not get a good reception on Friday in Mexico, with Kevin Magnussen, Felipe Nasr and Pascal Wehrlein all going off track during their runs.

“I don’t like it,” admitted Dane Magnussen. “It’s like pulling a cap over your eyes too low. The view is not as good as I had hoped, and with elevation changes it will be a problem.”

Asked if he then got out of the car during the required time in the extraction test, the Renault driver said: “Yes. I don’t know the results, but it was not easy.”

Magnussen also said he would not like to have to do it in a real-world fire situation.

Massa was less critical, declaring: “It’s a little harder to see on the straight, but in the corners it’s not so bad.

“To get in and out is a bit difficult, but I think it would be worse for the bigger drivers. For me, I didn’t have too much trouble,” he is quoted by Brazil’s UOL.

Manor’s Pascal Wehrlein is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport as saying: “The halo is distracting.

“But you get used to everything. And if it’s good for safety, then I support it.”

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