Rivals want new rule amid Verstappen controversy

Oct.22 (GMM) Max Verstappen found himself the hot topic of conversation yet again, this time behind closed doors during a lengthy drivers’ briefing in Austin.

The latest controversy triggered by the young Dutchman’s aggressive style was triggered by his defensive move under braking during his late-race duel with Lewis Hamilton.

One of the apparent problems is that Verstappen does not show adequate respect towards F1’s older drivers.

The 19-year-old told Italy’s Corriere dello Sport: “No, the experienced drivers are hard on me as well.

“It doesn’t matter if you have won three, four or five titles, respect should apply equally to everybody,” Verstappen added.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that, during Friday’s meeting with the FIA in Austin, the issue was raised by Romain Grosjean, but also Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel spoke.

And one team boss said Kimi Raikkonen even spoke for 3 minutes.

“If he does that, it must be really important to Kimi,” the unnamed figure said.

The German report said that drivers are asking Charlie Whiting to impose a new rule, enforceable through telemetry, in which changing direction under braking is strictly not allowed.

“It cannot be that we need an accident before something changes,” warned Nico Hulkenberg.

Also discussed in the briefing was Carlos Sainz’s engine stall on the Suzuka grid, with a new rule now applying from the US grand prix this weekend.

New standard software means Charlie Whiting will now be alerted with an engine stalls, which will trigger an aborted start for safety reasons, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

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