Brawn to create new F1 overtaking group

Mar.17 (GMM) F1 will look into producing rules that encourage more overtaking without resorting to artificial measures like DRS.

That is the claim of the sport’s new sporting boss Ross Brawn, who is one of the new chiefs in the post-Bernie Ecclestone era.

Brawn told the French magazine Auto Hebdo he supports the much faster cars that have arrived for 2017, but fears the improved downforce will mean overtaking is more difficult than before.

“If it turns out that is the case, then that will motivate the search for solutions,” said the Briton.

“It’s a difficult problem, because we want to have cars that are quick but that can follow their opponents on the track.

“Is there a solution? Yes, but we need to put together the right people and give them a year and a half to find the answer,” added Brawn.

Brawn acknowledged that overtaking working groups have made progress in the past, but he said those people lacked “the profound knowledge and opportunities that the teams have today”.

“Previously, we did experiments in wind tunnels but it was a compromise because it didn’t include the use of two cars. Now, CFD opens up new opportunities.

“We need to create a car with a high level of aerodynamic grip that does not leave very strong turbulence behind. Many will say it is impossible, but I am convinced of the opposite,” he said.

Brawn said the new group will be organised directly by Formula One Management, with any potential rule changes answering three questions.

“One, how will the fans perceive it? Two, what will it cost? And three, do we know how it will affect the racing?” added the former Ferrari and Honda chief.

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