Todt agrees V10 return ‘unthinkable’

Mar.22 (GMM) Jean Todt has joined fellow F1 boss Ross Brawn in saying a return of loud, normally-aspirated engines in the sport is “unthinkable”.

The volume, complexity and expense of the current ‘power unit’ technology has been controversial since its inception, and talks about the rules beyond 2020 are set to begin.

But Brawn, who is F1’s new sporting boss, said this week that going back to V8, V10 or V12 technology is “unthinkable”.

“However, we are thinking about the evolution of the hybrid engine,” he said.

Now, FIA president Todt has backed Brawn’s prediction about the future of the F1 power unit.

“Everybody’s vision is to try to do better for formula one,” the Frenchman is quoted by the German news agency SID.

“We must think about new opportunities and innovations, and always look forward. But it is unthinkable to leave the hybrid engines — the V10 and V12 of the past should stay in the past, even if it is unreasonable to spend money each year on new technologies,” Todt added.

The FIA chief also praised F1’s new owners Liberty Media, even though the sport’s long-time supremo Bernie Ecclestone has been ousted.

“They have new ideas and are very professional, and will create new opportunities for communication,” said Todt.

“The new cars? I think we will see a good show. Bernie Ecclestone gave a lot to formula one, but he gained a lot as well. Now I hope that at 86 he is happy to see his child in good hands,” he added.

Finally, Todt spoke about the forthcoming FIA presidential elections, saying it is not a certainty that he will run.

“If there are younger people who want my place I’ll have to think seriously,” said the 71-year-old.

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