F1 will never go all-electric – Todt

Jun.15 (GMM) Jean Todt says F1 will never abandon its petrol-based origins and join Formula E as an all-electric powered series.

“It’s impossible,” the FIA president told La Presse newspaper.

“F1 is an absolutely different discipline,” he insisted.

Todt said he is a great supporter and fan of Formula E, but he thinks F1 took the right path by heading in the hybrid direction a few years ago.

“It is a huge step forward compared to what we had before,” said the Frenchman.

However, Todt also said the progress made by Formula E since its inception has been “remarkable”.

“We have a dozen manufacturers who want to get involved, and have been approached by some of the biggest cities in the world,” he said.

“Today there are brands like Renault that are in F1 and Formula E.”

And Todt was also quoted by Le Journal de Montreal: “I am confident that one day Ferrari will follow suit, and we would like to see that.”

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