Wing controversy ‘storm in a teacup’ – Red Bull

Jul.29 (GMM) Red Bull has hit back at claims its new front wing design is teetering on the brink of legality.

The former champions appear to be in the running to take on Mercedes and Ferrari for outright victory on the twisty Hungaroring.

The pace boost comes hot on the heels of claims a new flexing front wing design penned by Adrian Newey has caught the attention of rivals and the FIA, prompting a minor redesign.

“We took the brace (modification) out and put it back in again,” top engineer Paul Monaghan said in Hungary.

“In our opinion the wing is entirely legal. We satisfy every FIA requirement.”

Monaghan says any suggestion the wing is obviously flexing is just an “optical illusion”.

“If you had more knowledge of the design of the wing and the shape I think you’d realise it’s nothing more than a storm in a teacup,” he insisted.

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