1/18 Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher '75 GP Wins' 2004
Ferrari F2004 Michael Schumacher
75 GP Wins 2004


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Fastest lap during the session in 2002 - Michael Schumacher - 1:28.804
Fastest lap during the session in 2001 - Rubens Barrichello - 1:29.056 

Australian GP - 1st Friday Practice

Michael Schumacher  sets the fastest time of the session ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Giancarlo Fisichella. Ralf Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Pedro de la Rosa, Eddie Irvine, Heinz Harald Frentzen, Mika Salo and Jenson Button make the top 10.

60 Min: At the last moment Michael Schumacher posts the fastest lap of the session 1.29.885, Barrichello betters that, 1.29.167. Michael responds with an even faster lap 1.28.804.

59 Min: Heidfeld fastest.

58 Min: Barrichello fastest Ralf Schumacher second fastest followed by Salo - Michael in 4th place. Unbelievable! 

57 Min: Barrichello takes it back (1.34.802) Order is now M Schumacher, Barrichello followed by the two Saubers

56 Min: Massa post a good one(1.38.062) now both Saubers split the Ferraris.

53 Min: Massa still out - getting in as many laps as he can - virtually has the track to himself.

50 Min: Most teams back in the pits for preparation of the last minutes of this session.

47 Min: Heidfeld second fastest 1.37.944 Michael still going faster 1.34.184.

44 Min: Michael Schumacher claims back first 1.35.375.

42 Min: Fisichella now fastest 1.38.318. Everybody is now going for it.

41 Min: Panis now fastest (1.40.684) Fisichella second ( 1.41.437) followed by M Schumacher Barrichello and Bernoldi. The track is drying out and times are tumbling down.

37 Min: Panis post a fast one splitting the two Ferraris 1.42.398.

35 Min: Barrichello post a fast one 1.42.542.

32 Min: Rain stopping. Both Ferraris still out.

29 Min: M Schumacher still fastest but Barrichello is starting a fast one.

27 Min: Barrichello out on the track at last Panis out too but has a small off, probably due to cold tyres.

26 Min: M Schumacher fastest 1.41.488.

23 Min: M Schumacher out on the track Coulthard fastest 1.43.388.

20 Min: Coulthard fastest man on the track 1.43.388.

19 Min: De la Rosa fastest 1.46.700. Several cars, including McLaren out on the track. Rain is easing. Track still wet.

17 Min: Fisichella 1.47.955 followed by an even faster Sato 1.47.741.

15 Min: Sato fastest 1.48.456. They are finally looking as if they are getting serious.

12 Min: Fisichella out for second time.

10 Min: Sato and Mcnish out Michael Schumacher getting ready.

7 Min: It is raining lightly on parts of the track again maybe Ferrari are saving their intermediates for later in the weekend.

4 Min: Ferrari still not out

3 Min: All cars going back into the pits after one or two laps for a final check before they start practice in earnest.

2 Min: Several cars out - no sight of either Ferrari 

1 Min: Cars out on intermediates. The McLarens and  Williams are out but no sign that Ferrari are coming out.

-5 min: Weather improving. Rain has stopped. Some sunny patches. Windy and cold.

-22 min: Weather overcast and mild. Track wet with light drizzle.

Session starting at 1 1:00 AM local time