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1997 European GP Results

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Friday Practice | Saturday Qualifying | Race Results | Fastest Lap

Jerez Facts

Track LengthNo. of LapsLap RecordDriver
4.428 KM 69 1:23.135 H. Frentzen - 1997

Friday Practice Sessions

Pos.DriverTeamBest Lap
1O. PanisProst1.22.735
2D. HillArrows1.22.898
3J. VilleneuveWilliams1.22.922
4R. BarrichelloStewart 1.22.964
5M. HakkinenMcLaren1.23.024
6H. FrentzenWilliams1.23.124
7J. AlesiBenetton1.23.174
8D. CoulthardMcLaren1.23.440
9M. SchumacherFerrari1.23.532
10R. SchumacherJordan1.23.678
11J. MagnussenStewart 1.23.685
12E. IrvineFerrari 1.23.695
13G. BergerBenetton1.23.923
14G. FisichellaJordan1.24.263
15U. KatayamaMinardi 1.24.329
16J. HerbertSauber1.24.507
17S. NakanoProst 1.24.735
18P. DinizArrows1.24.797
19M. SaloTyrrell 1.25.025
20N. FontanaSauber1.25.134
21J. VerstappenTyrrell 1.25.327
22T. MarquesMinardi 1.26.816

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Qualifying Results


DriverTeamBest Lap
1J. VilleneuveWilliams1.21.072
2M. SchumacherFerrari1.21.072
3H. FrentzenWilliams1.21.072
4D. HillArrows1.21.130
5M. HakkinenMcLaren1.21.369
6D. CoulthardMcLaren1.21.476
7E. IrvineFerrari 1.21.610
8G. BergerBenetton1.21.656
9O. PanisProst1.21.735
10J. AlesiBenetton1.22.011
11J. MagnussenStewart 1.22.167
12R. BarrichelloStewart 1.22.222
13P. DinizArrows1.22.234
14J. HerbertSauber1.22.263
15S. NakanoProst 1.22.351
16R. SchumacherJordan1.22.740
17G. FisichellaJordan1.22.804
18N. FontanaSauber1.23.281
19U. KatayamaMinardi 1.23.409
20T. MarquesMinardi 1.23.854
21M. SaloTyrrell 1.24.222
22J. VerstappenTyrrell 1.24.301
1J. Villeneuve Williams1:24.473

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Race Results


DriverTeamRace Time
1M. HakkinenMcLaren1.38:57.722 
2D. CoulthardMcLaren1.654 sec. behind
3J. VilleneuveWilliams1.802 sec. behind
4G. BergerBenetton1.919 sec. behind
5E. IrvineFerrari 3.789 sec. behind
6H. FrentzenWilliams4.537 sec. behind
7O. PanisProst1.07.145 min. behind
8J. HerbertSauber1.12.096 min. behind
9J. MagnussenStewart 1.17.487 min. behind
10S. NakanoProst 1.18.215 min. behind
11G. FisichellaJordan1 lap behind
12M. SaloTyrrell 1 lap behind
13J. AlesiBenetton1 lap behind
14N. FontanaSauber1 lap behind
15T. MarquesMinardi 1 lap behind
16J. VerstappenTyrrell 1 lap behind
17U. KatayamaMinardi 1 lap behind
Out of the race
Lap 47D. HillArrowsMechanical
Lap 47M. SchumacherFerrariAccident
Lap 44R. SchumacherJordanEngine
Lap 30R. BarrichelloStewart Mechanical
Lap 11P. DinizArrowsMechanical

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Fastest Lap : Heinz-Harald Frentzen - 1:23.135

(unofficial results)

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