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Schumacher must win this one  
Issue 24 - The Heretic  
August 1 - 8 News 

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8-Aug: After putting the blame on Giancarlo Fisichella for causing the accident in which both crashed out of the German GP on the first corner, Michael Schumacher appears to have calmed down as he now describes the accident as one that can happen at any time and doesn't blame anyone for it. He is hoping that his run of bad luck is over when he said: "Giancarlo and I have always got on well together, there have never been any problems between us. We talked about it and that's it. It was a huge shame but an accident of this type can happen at any time and in the end no one was to blame. I have had worse times and then managed to come back stronger than before and won races. I can only hope that my run of bad luck is finally over."

8-Aug: Jean Alesi who suffered a high speed accident with Pedro Diniz at the German Grand Prix has been declared fit to race in Hungary. Last week Alesi was not feeling well and had several medical checkups done. As a precautionary measure, the Prost team will have Stephane Sarrazin on standby in case Alesi decides to withdraw. A Prost spokesman said "Jean is feeling better and really wants to race, there shouldn't be a problem. But you never know. If the pain returns after the first day of testing, Stephane can replace Jean."

Alexander Wurz who suffered a high speed crash during testing last Saturday and was taken to hospital for a checkup has also been confirmed to start in Hungary but he has been ordered to rest for a few days leading to the event. A Benetton spokesman said "Alexander must rest for a few days, but he will be able to compete in Hungary. His only injury is bruising" while Alexander said "I was hurting big-time but checks in hospital said that there is nothing broken, so there will be no problem with Hungary this weekend."

7-Aug: The Ferrari team is taking 4 cars to Hungary, 2 for each driver. Luca Badoer shook down 3 of the 4 cars today (Michael Schumacher's race and spare cars and Rubens Barrichello's race car) covering 13 laps and practicing a few pit stops. His best time was 1:04.509. Badoer will shakedown the 4th car (Barrichello's spare car) on Wednesday
Ferrari will be using the so called 'chimney exhausts' which extend above the engine covers of the car. McLaren have been running a similar 'chimney exhaust' for the last number of races."

7-Aug: Can Michael Schumacher win his 3rd title ? is the topic of the week - Have Your Say

7-Aug: Australian Formula 1 hopeful Mark Webber will get a chance to show his potential behind the wheel of a Benetton Formula 1 car soon. Mark is obviously delighted with the news and said "the September test is very exciting for me and it's going to be a case of grabbing the bull by the horns and doing the best job I can." Benetton boss Flavio Briatore has been giving Brazilian Antonio Pizzonia a testing role in recent weeks but believes that the Brazilian is not yet ready for a full time role in Formula 1.
Webber was the official test driver for the Arrows team however the two parties failed to reach an agreement.

6-Aug: "A must win situation for Michael". The Hungarian Grand Prix preview is now available ... Race Preview

Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix schedule:

Friday Practice Session 1
Friday Practice Session 2
Saturday Practice Session 1
Saturday Practice Session 2
Qualifying Session
Warmup Session
11 AM Budapest Time / 9 AM GMT
1 PM Budapest Time / 11 AM GMT
9 AM Budapest Time / 7 AM GMT
10:15 AM Budapest Time / 8:15 AM GMT
1 PM Budapest Time / 11 AM GMT
9:30 AM Budapest Time / 7:30 AM GMT
2 PM Budapest Time / 12 PM GMT

5-Aug: The Benetton team top the timesheets on the last day of testing at Valencia with Giancarlo Fisichella setting the fastest time ahead of Alexander Wurz and Jos Verstappen. Giancarlo Fisichella's time was just 0.15 seconds slower than the fastest time set this year on this track.

6 teams and 8 drivers were present today with Enrique Bernoldi (Sauber test driver) doing the most number of laps at 84 followed by Giancarlo Fisichella with 71 laps and Luciano Burti with 66. Olivier Panis only managed 2 laps today.

Towards the end of the session, Alexander Wurz spun and crashed into the tyre barrier. He complained of pain to his right leg and was taken to hospital for a checkup. He was later declared fit to race as he only suffered from briusing to his leg but was ordered to rest for a few days leading up to Hungary.

Valencia Test page

Luca Badoer continued testing today at Fiorano under wet conditions. He covered a total of 64 laps with a best time of 1:09.705. Luca Badoer will shake down the cars heading for Hungary on Monday.

Fiorano Test page

The Jordan team has opted to test solo at Danielson concentrating on aerodynamic tests for the EJ10-B chassis which was used for the first time in Germany. The Jordan team is confident for a top 6 position at Hungary.

The Prost team conducted a 3 day test session at Barcelona with Nick Heidfeld and Stephane Sarrazin. The team concentrated on aerodynamic setup. Jean Alesi who suffered a high speed crash at the German Grand Prix and was not feeling well will decide mid-week if he will participate in the Hungarian GP or not.

4-Aug: McLaren continued their domination at the Valencia track today with David Coulthard setting the fastest time of the day slightly faster than his teammate Mika Hakkinen. Pedro de la Rosa was third over half a second slower than Coulthard.

6 teams and 9 drivers were present today with Pedro Diniz in the Sauber doing the most number of laps at 87 followed by David Coulthard with 80 laps and Luciano Burti with 76. Testing concludes tomorrow.

Valencia Test page

Michael Schumacher continued testing today at Fiorano under both wet and dry conditions. During the wet morning session he concentrated on wet weather setup and covered 26 laps with a best time of 1:10.149. In the afternoon, the conditions were drying and Michael Schumacher managed to test dry weather setup covering 29 laps and a best time of 1:01.777. Schumacher also did a number of practice starts.
Both Ferrari drivers will be taking part at the Marlboro Masters at Zandvoort with Rubens Barrichello on Saturday and Michael Schumacher on Sunday. Luca Badoer continues testing at Fiorano tomorrow.

Fiorano Test page

4-Aug: 7 years without a single win will make Peugeot think twice before attempting a return to Formula 1 again. Peugeot's current president Frederic Saint-Geours doesn't want to ever return to Formula 1 saying "I want one thing to be made totally clear and that is that we are pulling out of Formula 1 for good. In life, one must never say never, but if you want my opinion, it is that Peugeot will never again race in Formula 1."
Peugeot have even made a guarantee to AMT who bought the Peugeot Formula 1 unit that they will not return to Formula 1 within the next 5 years.

BAR and major sponsor Teleglobe have decided to end their sponsorship agreement which started when BAR entered Formula 1 in 1999. Teleglobe indicated that evolving marketing and business objectives is the reason behind this split. BAR's managing director Craig Pollock described Teleglobe as valued partner and understands Teleglobe's decision.
On another hand, BAR and World Online announced a partnership agreement where World Online will provide interactive communications expertise to British American Racing in a number of areas and will serve as BAR's official Internet service provider, as well as hosting the team's official website. BAR will display World Online's distinctive logo on the nose, "barge boards" and rear wing end plates of the BAR Honda 002 chassis, as well as the overalls of drivers Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta.

3-Aug: On their first appearance at the Valencia track, the McLaren team immediately set the pace. Olivier Panis (McLaren test driver) covered a massive 109 laps on the first day of the 3 day test session at Valencia. He also set the fastest time of the day just a few tenths shy of the fastest time set here this year. Mika Hakkinen was second over 0.7 seconds slower and Jaguar's test driver Luciano Burti was third over a second slower than Hakkinen!

There were 6 teams and 8 drivers testing today. Olivier Panis did the most number of laps with 109 followed by Luciano Burti with 76 and Jenson Button with 60.
The teams are concentrating on set up work in preparation for the Hungarian Grand Prix and the Valencia circuit is of a similar nature to the Hungaroring.

The testing session was conducted under hot and humid conditions with an air temperature of 28 degrees.

Valencia Test page

Michael Schumacher joined Luca Badoer today at Fiorano and concentrated on race preparations for Hungary while Luca Badoer continued work on new components for the F1-2000. Michael Schumacher set the fastest time of 1:01.308 covering 79 laps on the regular circuit and 7 on the short one while Badoer set a best time of 1:01.377 covering 63 laps on the regular circuit ad 14 on the short one. Michael Schumacher continues testing tomorrow.

Fiorano Test page

Michael Schumacher indicated that he was over the accident at Hockenheim and is hoping to win the Hungarian Grand Prix when he said "I have got over the accident in Hockenheim. I have already been through worse moments than this. Now I am looking ahead. This run of bad luck has to end. I have always gone well in Budapest and I hope I will pick up ten points."

3-Aug: "That was a mistake, Michael" is the title of the 23rd issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2000 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the German Grand Prix - Check it out here !!

2-Aug: Following his high speed collision with Pedro Diniz at the German Grand Prix, Prost driver Jean Alesi could miss the Hungarian Grand Prix as he is still not feeling very well as a result of the crash. While tests show that he has nothing broken, Alesi is complaining about pain all over his body especially abdominal pain. He plans to undergo further tests before deciding to race in Hungary. Alesi said "Nothing is broken, that was confirmed in a precautionary check-up, but I don't feel very well at all and I'm going to have some more tests. It is my intention to be present in Budapest (Hungary), but I will never be able to race in my current condition."

Luca Badoer continued testing for Ferrari at Fiorano today when he carried out a race distance simulation. He completed a massive 136 laps with a best time of 1:02.030. Testing continues tomorrow with Michael Schumacher joining Luca Badoer.

Fiorano Test page

2-Aug: Ferrari's president Luca Montezemolo has confirmed that Ferrari will be backing Michael Schumacher to win the drivers title despite Rubens Barrichello closing the gap to just 10 points. The Brazilian papers have reported that Montezemolo congratulated Barrichello on his win but told him that it is Michael Schumacher who must become the world champion.
In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper, Rubens Barrichello was reported as saying "I'm only looking to drive my best in each race. The title will come if I win more races."

David Coulthard believes that Michael Schumacher is feeling the heat but he brought it all onto himself when he said "I think all this questioning about his (Michael's) racing ethics in recent weeks has him rattled, but for the first time the pressure seems to have got to him and that shows he is only human and he feels the strain like the rest of us. Normally he is very strong in everything that he does, but he brought it on himself with his manoeuvres at the start of races cutting across other drivers."
As for veering across the track at the start of the German Grand Prix in front of Michael, Coulthard said "Prior to Austria I wasn't entirely clear as to what you are allowed to do. My understanding of the rules was clarified and I'm happy to race within the rules. I thought before you were not allowed to do anything to hinder another driver on the race track, that doesn't mean you won't defend your position, but basically you won't drive across someone's line and force them to lift. That is exactly what happened to me in Imola and at Magny-Cours. It seems to have been accepted as being fine and so now I'm able to do the same thing. I most certainly drove across to the right hand side of the circuit and I don't care if Michael wants to blame me or not. I had a bad start and moved across to defend my position. There was nobody alongside me, so I moved over again to be in a better position to take the corner."

1-Aug: Rubens Barrichello joined Luca Badoer at Fiorano today. Rubens Barrichello carried out suspension setting and aerodynamic work in preparation for the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix while Luca Badoer continued testing new components. Barrichello covered 63 laps on the regular circuit and 11 on the short one. He set a best time of 1:01.682. Badoer covered 45 laps on the regular circuit and 30 on the short one with a best time of 1:01.748. Both drivers also practiced a few starts. Testing continues tomorrow.

Fiorano Test page

Several Formula 1 teams including Williams and Benetton will conduct a 3 day test session in Valencia - Spain starting on Thursday. Stay tuned for the latest.

1-Aug: A 2 year deal is expected to be announced within a couple of weeks confirming that Jenson Button will move to Benetton to team up with Giancarlo Fisichella. Benetton's boss Flavio Briatore however does not want to pay a lot for the services of Jenson when he said "If he wants to be competitive then the right team is Benetton. If he wants to go racing for money it should be with somebody else. It is possible he could drive for another team." But Briatore also wants to confirm Fisichella for next year when he added "Giancarlo Fisichella is the priority for me at the moment. I will be speaking to Giancarlo this week to finalise him driving for us next year."

Jenson Button who is on a long term contract with Williams would be loaned to Benetton. Jenson though would still love to stay at Williams but realises that Frank Williams wants to bring Juan Pablo Montoya from the CART series.

The BAR team are also said to be interested in signing Jenson Buton but if he does sign for Benetton, it is expected that BAR will announce that Olivier Panis who is currently a test driver at McLaren will partner Jacques Villeneuve next year replacing Ricardo Zonta who could move to the Arrows AMT team.

The latest in driver and team movements.

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