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Issue 16 - The Heretic 


5 - 12 June News 

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News Archive

12-June: Ralf Schumacher will travel to Canada despite his injury following his crash at the Monaco Grand Prix. He is experiencing a lot of pain when walking on his injured leg but he will only decide whether he will drive or not on Thursday. Ralf's manager indicated that he is unlikely to drive unless he is fully recovered. Williams test driver Bruno Junqueria is on standby and will be travelling to Canada in case Ralf Schumacher decides not drive.

Despite the fact that Flavio Briatore indicated that Benetton do not deserve a driver like Jacques Villeneuve at this stage, rumours continue that they are close to reaching a deal where Villeneuve will drive for Benetton from 2001 replacing Alexander Wurz. Other rumours going around include Heinz Harald Frentzen's move to Jaguar replacing Johnny Herbert, Jenson Button moving to Jordan and Juan Pablo Montoya taking his place at Williams. The next few weeks will be interesting, stay tuned !

'Is Jacques Villeneuve wasting his time at BAR?' is the topic for this week. Have Your Say

11-June: The fight continues at Montreal. Who will it be this time ? Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard or Mika Hakkinen. The Canadian Grand Prix preview is now available ... Race Preview

10-June: Ferrari have concluded their testing at Fiorano today with Luca Badoer testing in both wet and dry conditions. In the morning, the track was artificially flooded and Badoer completed 20 laps with a best time of 1:12.702. In the afternoon, he completed a total of 60 laps in the dry with a best time of 1:02.744. The test concentrated on setup and development of new component ... Timed Results.

A decision regarding Ralf Schumacher's participation at the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix will be made very soon. He will be examined on Monday and the decision will follow that. Meanwhile it has been announced that if Ralf Schumacher does not participate in the Canadian GP, Bruno Junqueira will replace him. Bruno will be present at Montreal in any case.

9-June: Luca Badoer continued testing for Ferrari at Fiorano. In the morning he shook down the 3 cars going to Canada in addition to practicing a number of pit stops. His best time was 1:02.209. During the afternoon, Badoer tested continued testing on a 4th chassis concentrating on setup and development work. He completed 58 laps with a best time of 1:01.832. While the 3 race cars are being shipped to Canada, Badoer will have a wet testing session tomorrow ... Timed Results.

It appears that Michelin could be introducing coloured tyres when they re-enter the Formula 1 arena next year as suppliers to Williams and Jaguar (so far). This will enable everyone to differentiate between the Bridgestone tyres and the Michelin tyres. You could even have a tyre colour per driver which matches the car's livery. Cool idea, why have they not thought of it before ?

8-June: On the final day of testing at Monza, Jenson Button responds to the pressure of having to perform and sets the fastest time of the day and in the process lowering the fastest time set this year by almost 0.5 seconds. Bruno Junqueira in the other Williams was almost 1.5 seconds slower in 8th place. David Coulthard was second followed by Olivier Panis. Weather conditions were hot but there wes no major incidents today although several teams suffered technical problems because of the heat.

There were 8 teams and 11 drivers present today with Prost and Minardi concluding their test yesterday while Ferrari moved to Fiorano.

Heinz Harald Frentzen did the most laps (104) followed by Jos Verstappen (96) and David Coulthard (73) ... Timed Results.

Rubens Barrichello and Luca Badoer tested at Fiorano with Barrichello doing 44 laps concentrating on race setup and practicing starts while Badoer did 11 laps. Ferrari will continue testing tomorrow ... Timed Results.

It is now official, Alan Jenkins has parted ways with Prost. A mutual agreement has been reached and Jean Paul Gousset will now take over the duties of Technical Director.

7-June: Mika Hakkinen sets the fastest time on the second day of testing at Monza ahead of Pedro Diniz and Jarno Trulli. Mika Hakkinen's time was over 0.25 seconds faster than the time set yesterday by Rubens Barrichello.

There were 11 teams and 18 drivers present today with both McLaren drivers joining as well as Heinz Harald Frentzen and Eddie Irvine. Most teams concentrated on testing various setups for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

Ricardo Zonta suffered yet another high speed crash when it seems that his brakes failed and went off approaching the Parabolica corner. Zonta managed to force the car into a spin to try and reduce the speed. Fortunately he came out of with only a bruised knee but the car's backend was destroyed. The test session was stopped for 45 minutes as the armco was repaired following the crash. BAR suspended the testing for the remainder of the day to investigate the reason which is suspected to be front brakes. They will continue tomorrow with the 2 remaining cars.

It was Ferrari's last day at Monza as the team moves back to Fiorano to test in private. Rubens Barrichello was 4th fastest today as he carried out a race simulation. Luca Badoer and Rubens Barrichello will test at Fiorano ... Timed Results.

7-June: "The Championship is Alive and so is the pole jinx!" is the title of the 15th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2000 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix - Check it out here !!

6-June: All the Formula 1 teams where present at Monza today for the start of a 3 day test session in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix. Rubens Barrichello set the fastest time ahead of Olivier Panis and a surprise Gaston Mazzacane. Despite this being the first time the teams test here this year, Rubens Barrichello's time was less than a second slower than the fastest time set here during testing last year by Eddie Irvine.

The testing started under wet conditions but the track dried later on allowing the teams to concentrate on their programs. Mika Salo covered the most laps followed by Ricardo Zonta.

There were 11 teams and 15 drivers present, most teams were present with 1 car with the exception of BAR who are running 3 cars and Benetton and Williams are running 2. There were no major incidents during the test apart from a few spins.

Benetton suffered a bad day with Giancarlo Fisichella stopping due to an electrical problem while Antonio Pizzonia had a front suspension problem and had to stop testing. The car is going back to the factory and the team will continue with only one car. Alexander Wurz who was scheduled to test here will not due to the reduced number of cars they have. This indicates how much support he is getting in the team.

BAR are testing with 3 cars, one of them running the 'Athena 200' development chassis which was run by test driver Darren Manning. Ricardo Zonta and Patrick Lemaire tested the 2 other cars with a total of 133 laps combined.

Williams had Jenson Button and Bruno Junqueira who is standing in for the injured Ralf Schumacher. Despite the fact that Bruno Junqueira has not tested the BMW Williams since his shootout with Jenson Button before the season started, he was just over 0.5 seconds slower than him. As for the situation with Ralf Schumacher, he is still not ready to race as he is recovering from his injuries following his crash at Monaco. He has been ordered to rest for 2 to 3 days and then evaluate the situation to see if he can participate in the Canadian Grand Prix ... Timed Results.

6-June: "I have the greatest respect for Michael but all this psychology does not wash with us" McLaren boss Ron Dennis said in reply to Michael Schumacher's comments that it is Mika Hakkinen who he fears most despite David Coulthard's win at Monaco.

Dennis indicated that while Coulthard has a mathematical advantage, both of his drivers are capable of winning the championship. "Both of them are going to make the odd boo-boo when they talk about each other, but they are incapable of being bad team-mates. They are both nice guys" Dennis said.

There were several reports indicating that Michael's retirement was caused by hitting a barrier and damaging the exhaust which led to his retirement. Ron Dennis just added fuel to the fire when he claimed that his failure could have been caused by David Coulthard pushing him.

Adrian Newey has criticised the way Ferrari are pushing the testing rules following Michael Schumacher's testing session at Fiorano during the 'off day' Friday at Monaco. "What Michael did could have earned him a valuable advantage and was on the fringes of what is allowed under the regulations." Newey said. It is expected that this topic will be discussed between the teams at their next meeting.

Ralf Schumacher was injured after he crashed into the barriers at the Monaco Grand Prix. He received 3 stitches and it is now thought that he also cut a muscle. While there is no official word from Williams, this could mean that he could miss the Canadian Grand Prix which could mean that Bruno Junqueira who is Williams test driver could take his place. Junqueira and Button fought out a head to head shoot out to select who could drive for Williams this year. Jenson Button was the  successful candidate but this will certainly add more pressure on the Briton.

A mega testing session is coming up this week at Monza between the 6th and 8th of June where all the top teams are expected to test there including Ferrari who usually test privately at Fiorano. This is in preparation for the Canadian Grand Prix on the 18th of June. Stay tuned for the latest results.

5-June: is pleased to announce the addition of a new section called Your Say were you can voice your opinion regarding a Formula 1 topic and let the world know about it. You can even suggest a future topic ... Check it out here.

5-June: David Coulthard has become the first Briton to win the Monaco grand prix since Jackie Stewart won it in 1973. Jackie Stewart commented on this achievement by saying that it has been a long time since a Briton won here and it is good that it is another Scotsman ! Stewart also indicated that if Coulthard continues his form, he has a very serious chance of winning the World Championship.

Heinz Harald Frentzen has admitted losing concentration while he was just considering to slow down during the final stages of the Monaco grand prix. Following the race he realised that he was braking softer which caused him to miss the racing line by a few inches and hit the barrier. He was very disappointed with himself.

3 drivers were fined for speeding in the pit lane during the Monaco grand prix weekend. Those were Pedro de la Rosa, Michael Schumacher and Ricardo Zonta. Zonta was fined $1500 as it was his second speeding infringement this season.

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