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Issue 33 - The Heretic  

9 - 18 October News

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18-Oct: Michael Schumacher is talking of a 'new era' with Ferrari and while he is delighted to have won the Drivers' title for them this year, he doesn't see this as the end of his ambitions, on the contrary, he said "My mission is far from over, I don't see the champion's title, of which I'm delighted, as an end in itself. I dream of more, of a new era for Ferrari. Winning a title once with the team is already a dream. To repeat such a feat once or twice, that's my aim, it would be wild. My contract expires in 2002. And I can't see a single reason to leave the team in the short term."

But Michael believes that in order to match Fangio's 5 titles he will have to fight off stiff competition from not only Mika Hakkinen but also from his brother Ralf Schumacher, newcomer Juan Pablo Montoya at Williams and also from BAR, Jordan, Jaguar and Toyota who are all running 'works' engines.

17-Oct: Juan Pablo Montoya who will partner Ralf Schumacher at Williams next year will have his first test in this year's Williams early in December at Jerez. He will take part in 2 further tests with Williams prior to the Christmas break. Montoya first tested with Williams back in 1997 and became their test driver in 1998 before moving to the CART series.
Formula 1 testing is banned in November.

Johnny Herbert will drive his last Formula 1 race in Malaysia and is hoping to leave on a high and said "I had a great race in Malaysia last year so hope I will have the same this time around. It's a tough race to compete in as the track is physical and the weather is extremely humid. I hope I have a good race so I can go out on a high. It's going to be a bit emotional getting out of the car for the last time and out of Formula One, but I'm really looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me."

Telefonica who are major sponsors for the Minardi team have decided to withdraw from Formula 1 at the end on the season. Telefonica at one stage were believed to be interested in buying the Minardi team but after PSN (Pan American Sports Network) took a majority stake in the team, Telefonica have decide to pull out. Telefonica released the following statement: "The sponsorship committee of Telefonica S.A. has announced today that they will not renew any Formula1 sponsorship agreements for next season as, after considering their different options, it was decided that it is not agreeable to the objectives set out by the company. Telefonica will persist in backing the world of motor sport by continuing many of the projects they are already successfully involved in. In particular, the World Rally Championship."

16-Oct: "Was BAR successful in their 2nd year ?" is the topic of the week - Have Your Say

15-Oct: "Ferrari on their way to a championship double." The Malaysian Grand Prix Preview is now available ... Race Preview

Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix schedule:

Friday Practice Session 1
Friday Practice Session 2
Saturday Practice Session 1
Saturday Practice Session 2
Qualifying Session
Warmup Session
11 AM Sepang Time / 3 AM GMT
1 PM Sepang Time / 5 AM GMT
9 AM Sepang Time / 1 AM GMT
10:15 AM Sepang Time / 2:15 AM GMT
1 PM Sepang Time / 5 AM GMT
10:30 AM Sepang Time / 2:30 AM GMT
3:00 PM Sepang Time / 7 AM GMT

14-Oct: British American Racing (BAR) have strongly denied any takeover rumours which have surfaced recently in the Autosport and F1 Racing magazines.

BAR Chief Operating Officer, Ian Ross, said, "Neither the shareholders, directors, nor senior managers of BAR have any knowledge of a desire on the part of Honda to purchase the team and they have certainly not discussed such a plan with us."

"As for the article alleging that a number of senior BAR staff are involved in a scheme to purchase the team, I can confirm that none of the current team personnel named in the story have agreed to support any such move."

Ross added "While these stories may be destructive in nature, they will not deflect the team's clear focus on attempting to secure fourth place in the World Constructors' Championship at next weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix."

13-Oct: A number of Formula 1 teams conducted testing sessions this week in preparation for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Ferrari ended their testing program at Fiorano with Luca Badoer at the wheel. He completed a total of 48 laps with a best time of 1:01.209. Badoer concentrated on testing new mechanical components as well as brake testing.

McLaren conducted testing at Valencia with Olivier Panis. They concentrated on tyre evaluation for the Malaysian Grand Prix. This was the final testing session for Olivier Panis as he joins BAR next year as a regular driver. The McLaren team had a farewell party for Panis following the test.

The Arrows team were also present at Valencia with the team testing the new AMT engine (ex-Peugeot) fitted for the first time in this year's Arrows. Jos Verstappen conducted the testing.

BAR conducted a 2 day test at Vairano with test driver Darren Manning at the wheel. The first day was interrupted by bad weather but the team was able to more track time on the second day.

12-Oct: Luca Badoer has completed testing for Ferrari at the Mugello track today completing a total of 107 laps with a best time of 1:24.956. Badoer concentrated on setup and tyre evaluation. Testing continues tomorrow at Fiorano.

Click here for the Mugello timed results

12-Oct: "The Championship is won!" is the title of the 33rd issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2000 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Japanese Grand Prix - Check it out here !!

11-Oct: Luca Badoer completed an endurance run for Ferrari at Mugello on the second day of testing. He completed a total of 80 laps and a best time of 1:26.067. Badoer will conclude testing at Mugello tomorrow in preparation for the Malaysian GP.

Click here for the Mugello timed results

11-Oct: Michael Schumacher is expected to undergo surgery to remove the pins from his right leg following the Malaysian Grand Prix. The support pins were inserted after breaking his leg at the British Grand Prix in 1999. This operation is a normal procedure but will require the German champion to rest for 6 to 8 weeks and performing the operation following the final race of the season is the best time to do it.

Norbert Haug has admitted that Mercedes should take part of the blame for Hakkinen's failure to win the title. Hakkinen had 2 engine failures at the start of the season robbing him of potentially 20 points and a further engine failure at Indianapolis robbed him of at least anther 6 points. Haug said "Our mistakes early in the season contributed to our failure. He could have won both races, so we should take some criticism for his defeat."

Haug added that the decision for Mercedes to quit the CART series should allow them to focus even more on Formula 1.

Jaguar Racing have appointed Mark Hanford (from Lola) as their new aerodynamicist. This appointment is part of the number of changes that Jaguar are taking to ensure that next year they will have a competitive car.

10-Oct: While Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello enjoy a short holiday, Luca Badoer was back at the wheel of the F1-200 at Fiorano. He concentrated on testing new mechanical components in the dry and the wet. He completed a total of 55 laps with a best time of 1:01.892 in the dry and 1:07.103 in the wet. Luca Badoer will continue testing tomorrow at Mugello.

Click here for the Fiorano timed results

10-Oct: Following former Italian President Francesco Cossiga's criticism of Michael Schumacher's actions on the podium while the Italian national anthem was playing (earlier story), Michael Schumacher responded to the criticism and said "I have the utmost respect for the Italian national anthem. From the podium I saw everyone underneath chanting and dancing and so I did the same. We were all overwhelmed with joy. I apologise if my behaviour has been interpreted as a sign of disrespect for Italy's national anthem."

9-Oct: "What is next for Michael Schumacher ?" is the topic of the week - Have Your Say

9-Oct: Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo celebrated at Maranello the first Drivers' title in 21 years and said "It is the most beautiful day of my life, or at least my professional life, because there is also family life. Today the driver, the car, the team made the difference. Ferrari's win is a victory for Italian technology, the victory of a business."

Mr. Montezemolo contacted Michael Schumacher by phone shortly after the race and told him "'I thank you, I am doing it now because in an hour's time I will be drunk and will not be in full possession of my faculties."

Jean Todt said "This is a joyous moment. This result was our objective from the start of the year, as it has also been in the past. I am happy and feel honoured to work with such a fantastic team and an exceptional driver like Michael. I am also very happy for the 550 people of the Gestione Sportiva who have worked intensively over the years to reach this goal. With all the attention focussed on Michael today, we must not forget the great contribution of Rubens Barrichello and Luca Badoer to the result. I thank President Montezemolo for having put the means at our disposal to achieve this result. Now we still need three points to win the Constructors‘ Championship again and that will be our target in two weeks time in Malaysia"

Ferrari's Technical Director Ross Brawn said "When I came to Ferrari this was my ambition and to achieve this championship is the end to my ambition. It was a team decision for him to stay out and nobody can take the credit because it is a team performance. I told Michael to stay out, but he said I am going to hit traffic. I told him 'You will have to handle it Michael'. If he had come in we would not have won."

Brawn added, "Michael has been here with Ferrari five years and maybe with another outfit he could have won the championship by now but he stuck with Ferrari and he never let up in the four or five years he's been working here. He's been much more involved than some drivers, encouraging everyone, spending a lot of time with the mechanics. He's been really involved in making Ferrari work as a team. No one can doubt Michael's ability as a racing driver but as a person he's a great human being. Not a lot of people see that."

Michael Schumacher praised Ross Brawn and said "He is simply the master of our team. It is somehow unfair to put him on upfront. But he in the final moment is the person who takes the right decision. And he made us world champions."

Ferrari's chairman and Fiat's boss Giovanni Angelli said "'I was very emotional because I thought of Enzo Ferrari and that finally we had brought him the world championship. I think Schumacher is amongst the greats, I put him with Lauda, Stewart and Senna. He is a man of great class, even though he sometimes does not appear that way to some people, he is a man of quality and class in the way he conducts himself."

Jody Scheckter the driver who last won the drivers' title for Ferrari in 79 before Schumacher won it this year said "I am very satisfied with Schumacher's victory. It was a pleasure to see the satisfaction of Jean Todt and the team. To see their joy was truly emotional and they deserved to win. When I won the world championship I did not really have the means to appreciate the importance of what it meant. Now, 21 years on, this victory means a lot more to Italy and it is fantastic

On the other hand former Italian President Francesco Cossiga was unimpressed by Schumacher's behaviour when the Italian national anthem was played on the podium and said "I know what I am saying goes against popular opinion. But to me Schumacher's victory means nothing. I expect at the end it is the glorious Ferrari team and not an insolent overpaid little Bavarian boy that has won the world title. It annoyed me that a boy we paid with our country's money behaves like a good German when he is listening to 'Deutschland Uber Alles' and watches the German flag with rigid attention like a German army soldier. Then he plays the fool and not for the first time when the Italian national anthem is played and they hoist the tricolor."

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