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Silverstone Test Session (12-14/6) Photos (M & R Schumacher, Hakkinen, Villeneuve, Montoya, & much more)

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2 - 8 July News  
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8-Jul: The 2002 Team and Driver Line-up - On this page we provide you with a summary of the team and driver line-up for the 2002 season ... Click Here

7-Jul: The Season so far - Part 3 - We look at the previous 4 races of the 2001 season ... Full Report

6-Jul: The final day of testing at Monza saw Kimi Raikkonen top the timesheets setting the fastest time at the Monza track this year. He was ahead of Andre Lotterer and Alexander Wurz.
5 teams were present and 8 drivers setting lap times. Pedro de la Rosa covered the most number of laps with 83 followed by Andre Lotterer with 76 and Kimi Raikkonen with 66. Alexander Wurz covered the least number of laps with 27 after suffering technical problems.
The teams continued their work on aerodynamic testing and tyre evaluation for the low downforce circuits. There were several red flags during the session with Mika Hakkinen having an engine problem in the morning and crashing in the afternoon. Ricardo Zonta spun and so did Olivier Panis who also damaged his car as a result. Both Trulli and Wurz had technical problems.

Click here for the timed results from Monza

The final day of testing at Barcelona saw the 2 Michelin running teams artificially wet the track to simulate wet weather conditions. Mark Webber set the fastest time in the wet ahead of Marc Gene.
Webber also covered the most number of laps with 90 while Gene covered 85 laps.
Both teams concentrated on wet tyre evaluation for Michelin.

Click here for the timed results from Barcelona

Michael Schumacher joined Luca Badoer at Fiorano. Schumacher concentrated on set-up and electronics as well as wet tyre evaluation in the evening while Badoer shookdown the cars heading to Silverstone. Michael Schumacher covered 100 laps while Badoer managed 58 laps.
Ferrari took over from the Arrows team at Vairano to conduct a 2 day straight line test with Fabrizio Giovanardi at the wheel. 

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

At Mugello both BAR and Minardi concluded their test session with Patrick Lemarie taking over from Jacques Villeneuve for BAR while Alex Yoong tested for Minardi.
Lemarie covered a total of 80 laps concentrating on set-up work for the upcoming British GP while Yoong covered 47 laps familiarising himself with the Formula 1 car..
The Minardi team boss Paul Stoddart was very impressed with Yoong hinting at the possibility of giving him a drive soon and said "Alex has genuinely done an excellent job during this test. He has been as cool as a cucumber throughout, has not made any mistakes, and has worked well with the team�s engineers. Most importantly, though, his lap times have dropped progressively with each run, indicating that he is getting to grips with the car and the circuit � something that is the sign of a good driver. I think all of the European Minardi F1 personnel present in Mugello have been both pleased and impressed with Alex�s approach to the job and with his quick progress.�
Alex Yoong commented on his first test and said "It really has been an incredibly good experience. I drove for 47 laps today and every time I went out, I went quicker. I was quite pleased with my best lap of 1 min 29.99 secs, but I feel I can go even quicker with a bit more acclimatisation. The main thing from my perspective was to get to grips with left-foot braking. By the end of the day, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with it, although I was still being quite cautious � there is certainly more to come. Physically, I haven�t had any problems. There are a lot of fast corners at Mugello, the track is quite bumpy and the car didn�t have a power-steering system fitted, so you definitely feel the forces through your neck and shoulders. Even so, I could have done more laps without difficulty. I have always dreamed of driving a Formula One car, and could only imagine what the power, the downforce and the braking must be like. Now I know, and it is every bit as exciting as I expected. I have really enjoyed the experience and, once again, must thank the Magnum Corporation for its support and assistance with this test programme."

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

6-Jul: "Will it depend on the tyre manufacturers ?" is the title of the 21st issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the French Grand Prix - Issue 21

5-Jul: The third day of testing at Monza saw David Coulthard top the timesheets ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and Mika Hakkinen.
5 teams were present and 8 drivers setting lap times. Darren Manning and Kimi Raikkonen both covered 78 laps followed by David Coulthard with 72. Ricardo Zonta covered the least number of laps with 43 after crashing due to a component failure.
The teams continued their work on aerodynamic testing and tyre evaluation for the low downforce circuits. There were several red flags during the session with the Zonta's crash and Manning and Lotterer both spinning into the gravel.

Click here for the timed results from Monza

On the 3rd day at Barcelona, Marc Gene set the fastest time ahead of Mark Webber and Jenson Button.
Gene also covered the most number of laps with 72 while Webber covered 56 and Button only managed 15 laps.
Marc Gene concentrated on electronics testing and tyre evaluation.
Mark Webber was doing tyre evaluation on the B200 while Jenson Button was testing the new specification Renault engine similar to the one used at Magny Cours.

Click here for the timed results from Barcelona

Luca Badoer continued testing at Fiorano driving the F2001 and concentrating on electronics testing. Badoer covered 77 laps with a best time of 1:00.483. He practiced 11 starts.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

At Mugello, Jacques Villeneuve took over from Olivier Panis and continued with the set-up and tyre evaluation programme. He covered a total of 82 laps. Minardi had 2 drivers present as Piccini drove in the morning while Malaysian driver Alex Yoong drove the Minardi F1 in the afternoon becoming the first Malaysian to test drive a Formula 1 car. He covered 20 laps and is expected to do many more laps tomorrow. Alex said "The car is just fantastic. The carbon brakes and the downforce are the two things that immediately get your attention � they are just incredible! The power delivery was very nice and not a problem to acclimatise to. This afternoon�s laps were really intended to allow me to learn the circuit and get used to left-foot braking. It�s the first time I�ve used this technique, and it feels quite alien at the moment, but with a lot more laps tomorrow, I�m sure I�ll get used to it. I really enjoyed today�s experience and I can�t wait to get back in the car again and do as many miles of driving as possible. It is a great opportunity and I intend to take full advantage of it, both for myself and also for the Magnum Corporation, which has generously supported me in this Formula One programme."
Paul Stoddard was pleased with the work Alex did and said "Alex has done exactly what we asked of him and seems to be getting to grips with Formula One performance with considerable confidence. He did 20 laps this afternoon, primarily to familiarise himself with the Mugello circuit and to get used to the controls of the car, which are different from anything he has encountered to date. Tomorrow, the plan is that he will drive for another 50 to 60 laps, by which time he will have completed a full Grand Prix distance. We�re very pleased with his progress."

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

Testing continues tomorrow at all tracks.

4-Jul: On the second day of testing at Monza, Alexander Wurz set the fastest time at Monza this year followed by Nick Heidfeld and David Coulthard.
5 teams were present with 9 drivers setting lap times with Darren Manning covering the most number of laps with 76 ahead of Pedro de la Rosa who covered 72 laps.
Eddie Irvine decided to withdraw from the test after completing just 7 laps due to a neck injury. Andre Lotterer took over and managed to complete 9 laps.
The teams are concentrating on aerodynamic testing and tyre evaluation for the low downforce circuits. There were several red flags during the session with the 2 McLarens stopping, Wurz with electronics problems and Coulthard with a blown engine while Nick Heidfeld had an oil leak. 

Click here for the timed results from Monza

Williams and Benetton continued their test at Barcelona and once again Marc Gene set the fastest time ahead of Mark Webber and Jenson Button.
Gene also covered the most number of laps with 80 while Webber covered 77 and Button managed 39 laps.
Both teams were concentrating on engine testing and tyre evaluation.

Click here for the timed results from Barcelona

Luca Badoer moved from Mugello back to Fiorano and shookdown the F1-2000 (to be used at the Goodwood Festival of Speed) before testing the F2001 in the afternoon.
Badoer covered 82 laps with a best time of 59.891. The test concentrated on electronics testing.

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano

At Mugello, BAR have their second test team starting a 3 day test and Minardi were also present. Olivier Panis and Andrea Piccini were present.
Panis covered the most number of laps with 81 laps as he concentrated on set-up and tyre evaluation. Andrea Piccini drove the Minardi for the first time and tested several new components for the Minardi team. The young Italian who drives for Minardi in the F3000 championship was pleased with his first F1 test and said "The car was great, particularly the gearbox and brakes. It feels quite different from my F3000 chassis, which has much heavier steering at lower speeds. As speed and downforce builds in the F1 car, though, the steering becomes heavier than the F3000 and, as a result, fast corners require more physical effort. I had been warned to expect a few problems with my neck, but it�s perfect. If anything, I need to develop a little more strength in my arms � the steering column in the Formula One car is mounted higher than in the F3000, and therefore puts demands on different muscles. In any event, I�m happy and feel pleased that I have been able to help the team. It has definitely been a good start.�
Jacques Villeneuve takes over from Panis while it is expected that Malaysian driver Alex Yoong will drive the Minardi for the first time.

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

Testing continues tomorrow at all tracks.

4-Jul: Despite suffering his second retirement in 3 races due to poor reliability, Jacques Villeneuve appears to be staying at BAR in 2002.
He believes that BAR could be competitive next year and said "Apart from Ferrari, there is nothing clear on who is going to be competitive. We have as good a chance as anyone else apart from Ferrari next year, so after all the hard work that has been put in here it will not probably be the right thing to do to change. It's been difficult because there hasn't been the results for a long time, but we all work hard and that is what matters."
While he has a get-out clause in his contract, the only option he has to drive for a top team would be with McLaren if Mika Hakkinen decides to leave. Villeneuve is not too excited about his option as he sees McLaren taking a downturn and said "Ferrari has Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello. Williams is totally blocked with Ralf and Montoya. McLaren still haven't confirmed their driver line up so it's still unclear. But it seems that McLaren have taken a downward curve for the moment, which could be very hard to readdress."

4-Jul: "Is it time Mika Hakkinen calls it a day ?" Topic of the week - Have Your Say

3-Jul: Most of the Formula 1 teams will be conducting tests this week with a number of them running at two or even three circuits.
Ferrari have started their testing with Luca Badoer at Mugello. Badoer moves to Fiorano on Wednesday and Thursday with Michael Schumacher joining him on Friday. Ferrari will also be conducting straight line testing at Vairano.

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

McLaren, Sauber and Jordan have started testing at Monza with Heinz Harald Frentzen setting the fastest time on the first day ahead of Nick Heidfeld and Alexander Wurz. They will be joined by BAR and Jaguar on Wednesday.
BAR will also be testing at Mugello.

Click here for the timed results from Monza

Williams and Benetton have started testing at Barcelona with Marc Gene setting the fastest time ahead of Mark Webber and Jenson Button. 
Williams are also at Lurcy-Levis concentrating on straight line testing with Ricardo Sperafico.

Click here for the timed results from Barcelona

The Arrows team are conducting a 3-day straight line test at Vairano with test driver Jonny Kane.

Testing continues tomorrow with more regular drivers taking part.
No times are available for the straight line test sessions

2-Jul: It has been reported that David Coulthard will be driving for the McLaren team in 2002 however no official announcement from McLaren was made. McLaren are not expected to make any announcements until their 2nd driver is confirmed. Mika Hakkinen has not had the best of seasons having only scored 9 points from 10 races and there have been rumours that he will quit Formula 1 at the end of this season. Both Mika Hakkinen and McLaren have continuously denied the retirement story. 
If Mika Hakkinen does retire, Jacques Villeneuve could get out of his current 3-year contract with BAR and make a move to McLaren as the BAR Honda have not delivered the expected performance. Villeneuve has recently indicated that money would not be a factor if a drive in a competitive car becomes available. 

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