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16 - 25 July News  
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25-Jul: In a shock announcement by the Jordan Grand Prix team and just days before the German Grand Prix, the team announced the termination of their contract with Heinz Harald Frentzen. The team issued a statement that read "With immediate effect Jordan Grand Prix has terminated its contract with Heinz-Harald Frentzen for the 2001 and 2002 World Championships.
'It has been a disappointing season for both of us,' explained Jordan's Chief Executive, Eddie Jordan. 'We had an exchange of views following the British Grand Prix and this is the outcome.'
The team's third driver, Ricardo Zonta, will replace Frentzen for the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim."

Heinz Harald Frentzen is contesting the sudden decision and could take legal action against the team. He said "Following an unexpected termination of my contract by Jordan Grand Prix Limited, I will likely not be driving in Hockenheim this weekend. 
The reasons I have been given for this termination I contest in their entirety. My position in this matter is now under legal advice.
Due to the current situation, I am unable to make any further comment whatsoever at this time."

Frentzen had a 2 year contract with Jordan that runs out at the end of the 2002 season. This was confirmed again by Eddie Jordan last month (story) denying the speculation that Frentzen could be on his way out.
After a promising start to the season where he finished 5th in Australia and 4th in Malaysia, the season for Frentzen went downhill scoring only another point at San Marino and crashing out at three events (Spain, Monaco and Europe). He also missed the Canadian Grand Prix after not feeling well following a crash during practice (story).
He was not present at the latest test session held at Monza last week.
Frentzen has scored 6 points in total and is in 11th place in the championship. On the other hand his team-mate Jarno Trulli has been improving during the season especially in qualifying  where Trulli has out-qualified Frentzen in all the races except one. Trulli has scored 9 points so far this season.

While Ricardo Zonta has been named as the driver to replace Frentzen at Hockenheim, the team have not announced who will be taking Frentzen's seat permanently until the end of the season.

24-Jul: "Who has impressed you more, Montoya or Raikkonen ?" Topic of the week - Have Your Say

23-Jul: "51st Race win for Michael ?" The German Grand Prix Preview is now available ... Race Preview

German Formula 1 Grand Prix Schedule:

Session Time (Local / GMT) - Current local time
Friday Practice Session 1
Friday Practice Session 2
Saturday Practice Session 1
Saturday Practice Session 2
Qualifying Session
Warm-up Session
11 AM Hockenheim Time / 9 AM GMT
1 PM Hockenheim Time / 11 AM GMT
9 AM Hockenheim Time / 7 AM GMT
10:15 AM Hockenheim Time / 8:15 AM GMT 
1 PM Hockenheim Time / 11 AM GMT
9:30 AM Hockenheim Time / 7:30 AM GMT 
2 PM Hockenheim Time / 12 PM GMT
Go to the German GP Page

22-Jul: European Minardi team boss, Paul Stoddart has called for changes to the points system as well as the qualifying rules. This follows the failure of his driver Tarso Marques to qualify within the 107% rule at the British GP. Stoddart also wants points awarded to the top 10 as that will give the slower teams a much better chance to score points. He said "This week we lost out, next week it could be someone else. The way lap times have fallen this year, there could easily be five or six of us suddenly outside the 107 percent rule. The top teams are not limited by resources and will get further ahead. Points from first to 10th place would transform our team. We deserve credit for producing cars that are just three seconds off the pace."

21-Jul: Luca Badoer concluded a 5 day test session for Ferrari at Fiorano. Once again the team concentrated on aerodynamic and electronic testing. Badoer completed 70 laps and practiced 4 starts.
Sunny. Maximum air temperature of 30

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano 

21-Jul: Speaking for the first time after his high speed crash on Tuesday at Monza, Michael Schumacher indicated that he was feeling fine and said "I'm fine. Naturally, on Wednesday and Thursday, I still felt the after-effects of the accident, but not too much. The doctors advised me to take a short break to relax and suggested I should not make an immediate return to testing. On Thursday afternoon, I did some light training and over the weekend, I will continue with my normal physical training programme."
Describing what happened, Schumacher said "It all happened very quickly. I braked and without warning the rear of the car snapped to the left and then I ended up in the right hand side barrier and slid along the guard rail. I could not control it, because in the impact, the front right wheel came off, so I had no steering and more importantly, no brakes. I did not scrub off much speed as I went along the barrier on the gravel and then the car ended up where the barrier formed an angle. I have to say I was very lucky, because the guardrail absorbed much of the impact of the accident." 
Rubens Barrichello commented on Michael's accident by saying "When you or your team-mate has an accident, the important thing is to establish what caused it. But we are here to drive and race. People forget that we do this job because we love it, so I am sure the incident will not affect him."

The European Minardi team announced that Nigel Mansell will drive the Minardi F1 2 seater at Donington Park on the 21st of August for the Thunder in the Park day. Mansell will join Minardi team owner Paul Stoddart and the team's F1 and F3000 drivers to act as high-speed "chauffeurs" for the passengers!. The event will include a 5 lap race between 4 Minardi F1 2 seaters.

Paul Stoddart said "I often hear the complaint from motor racing fans that Formula One has become too inaccessible. The purpose of ‘Thunder in the Park’ is to try and remedy that in some small way, and we, at European Minardi, are more than pleased to be able to contribute to what is certain to be an exciting day for all those present. Nigel remains a massively popular figure with Grand Prix fans around the world, and we are honoured that he has agreed to drive one of our fleet of two-seater F1 cars at Donington. I’m sure his presence, both on and off the circuit, will ensure this is a highly successful event. I’m really looking forward to the occasion and being able to demonstrate that at least one Formula One team remains ‘fan-friendly’.”

20-Jul: On the final day of testing at Monza, Eddie Irvine once again topped the timesheets ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya and Mika Hakkinen. It was the 3rd day in a row that a Michelin running car tops the timesheets here possibly indicating an advantage for the Michelin tyres on low downforce circuits.
7 teams were present (Minardi concluded their test yesterday) with 10 drivers setting lap times. Mika Hakkinen covered the most number of laps with 91 followed by Rubens Barrichello with 79 and Jacques Villeneuve with 77 laps.
Jenson Button covered the least number of laps with 32.
A number of teams had to wait until mid-morning before starting their test programme due to a wet track.
Most teams concentrated on set-up for the German and Italian Grands Prix as well as tyre evaluation.
There were several incidents during the session with Marc Gene stopping a number of times on the track as he was trying new components for the Williams team including a top exit exhaust, Rubens Barrichello suffered an engine problem late in the session, Ricardo Zonta and Jenson Button also suffered from engine related problems. 

Weather: Wet to dry from mid-morning onwards. Maximum air temperature of 27

Click here for the timed results from Monza 

At Valencia, the BAR team concluded their test with Patrick Lemarie working on chassis set-up and tyre evaluation in preparation for the Hungarian GP. No times were available.

At Fiorano Luca Badoer continued his testing at Fiorano concentrating on electronics testing. He covered 80 laps and practiced 15 starts.
Weather: Rainy then sunny. Maximum air temperature of 22

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano 

19-Jul: The Jaguar duo of Eddie Irvine and Pedro de la Rosa topped the timesheets on the 3rd day of testing at Monza. Rubens Barrichello was 3rd fastest ahead of Jarno Trulli and Mika Hakkinen.
8 teams were present with 14 drivers setting lap times. Rubens Barrichello covered the most number of laps with 72 followed by Jarno Trulli with 70 laps and Jacques Villeneuve with 62. Jenson Button covered the least number of laps with 12.
The session started under wet conditions however the track dried out by mid-morning and teams switched to dry weather testing for the remainder of the day.
Most teams concentrated on set-up for the German and Italian Grands Prix as well as tyre evaluation.
There were several incidents during the session with Eddie Irvine stopping with a suspension problem, Jenson Button suffering from gearbox problems,  Ricardo Zonta suffering from an oil leak and Juan Pablo Montoya spinning.
Alex Yoong continues to improve in the Minardi setting lap times very close to those of Fernando Alonso.

Testing continues tomorrow.
Weather: Wet to dry from mid-morning onwards. Maximum air temperature of 28

Click here for the timed results from Monza 

The Sauber team concluded their test at Valencia with Nick Heidfeld setting the fastest time on the final day. Patrick Lemarie driving for BAR was 2nd  fastest. Nick Heidfeld covered the most number of laps with 86 while Patrick Lemarie covered 76 laps. 
Both Sauber and BAR were concentrating on set-up for the Hungarian GP.

BAR will conclude their testing here tomorrow.
Sunny and an air temperature of 35

Click here for the timed results from Valencia 

At Fiorano Luca Badoer continued his testing at Fiorano concentrating on electronics and aerodynamic testing. He covered a massive 111 laps.
Weather: Sunny. Maximum air temperature of 30

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano 

18-Jul: Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya set the 2 fastest time on the second day of testing at Monza ahead of Alexander Wurz in the McLaren.
Most of the day was run under dry conditions however it rained heavily late in the afternoon. 
8 teams were present today with 13 drivers setting lap times. Jarno Trulli completed the most number of laps with 71 followed by Ricardo Zonta with 65 and Pedro de la Rosa with 60. Fernando Alonso only managed 4 laps before having to stop with gearbox problems. 
Rubens Barrichello arrived in the afternoon ahead of schedule after Michael Schumacher was sent home to rest following his crash yesterday. He only covered 10 laps.
David Coulthard pulled out of the test after complaining of stomach pains.
Most teams concentrated on set-up for the German and Italian Grands Prix as well as tyre evaluation.
The Minardi team brought 2 cars to the test session for the first time. Alonso started testing a heavily revised Minardi that has a new titanium gearbox, new aero package and a revised rear suspension geometry. A gearbox problem limited his run to just 4 laps. Alex Yoong in the other Minardi continued his familiarisation program.
There weren't as many incidents as yesterday however Jarno Trulli had a scare when his rear wing collapsed and went off but amazingly managed to avoid hitting anything and was able to get back to the pits!. Irvine, Panis and Yoong interrupted the session today with Irvine and Panis stopping with mechanical problems while Yoong went off in the gravel.
The afternoon rain forced the teams to switch their plans to wet tyre evaluation and traction control.

Malaysian Alex Yoong tested the Minardi for the second time and with Tarso Marques failing to qualify at the British GP, it now seems certain that Yoong will take Marques' seat as soon as he gets his Super-license and that could be in time for the Belgian GP on the 2nd of September. Today he covered 49 laps and was happy with the progress he is making and said "We were concentrating on doing lots of laps rather than on lap times, but they did come down steadily with each run. It’s a sign we are making progress and I’m now looking forward to tomorrow."

Testing continues tomorrow.
Weather: Sunny to rainy late afternoon. Maximum air temperature of 25

Click here for the timed results from Monza 

At Valencia, Nick Heidfeld took over from his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and set the fastest time of the day ahead of BAR's test driver Patrick Lemarie.
Nick Heidfeld also covered the most number of laps with 88.
Both Sauber and BAR were concentrating on set-up for the Hungarian GP.

Testing continues tomorrow
Sunny and an air temperature of 35

Click here for the timed results from Valencia 

At Fiorano Luca Badoer continued his testing at Fiorano concentrating on set-up and electronic testing. He covered a total of 73 laps and also practiced 16 starts.
Weather: Sunny to rainy. Maximum air temperature of 29

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano 

18-Jul: "Hakkinen, too little too late" is the title of the 23rd issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the British Grand Prix - Issue 23

17-Jul: The Formula 1 teams returned to the track today with most of them testing the high speed - low downforce track of Monza in preparation for the German Grand Prix on the 29th of July. This will also be the last test they can perform here before the Italian Grand Prix on the 16th of September as following the German GP will be a test ban for 3 weeks.

On the first day of testing at Monza it was Ricardo Zonta in the Jordan who topped the timesheets ahead of Marc Gene in the Williams and Alexander Wurz in the McLaren. 
As this is the first day of testing, the times were over 1.5 seconds slower than the fastest time set here this year. Over the next few days expect the lap record to be shattered.
7 teams were present with 10 drivers setting lap times. Marc Gene covered the most number of laps with 62 followed by James Courtney with 50 and Ricardo Zonta with 43.
The teams concentrated on race set-up for the German and Italian Grands Prix as well as tyre evaluation. 
There were several red flags during the session with a number of cars stopping on the track. Ricardo Zonta, Marc Gene, Ralf Schumacher and Jenson Button all suffered mechanical problems.

Michael Schumacher suffered a high speed crash at the Roggia corner after losing downforce due to suspected damage to the under-floor of his car. He was unhurt in the accident but underwent a check-up at the medical centre as a precautionary measure and he was fine.
Michael Schumacher returns home and Rubens Barrichello takes over tomorrow.

Also at Monza, young Australian James Courtney drove the Jaguar R2 for the first time. Courtney who drives for the Jaguar Racing team in the British Formula 3 championship covered 50 laps on his first day of testing and was 9th fastest. 

Testing continues tomorrow with more regular drivers taking over from the test drivers.
Weather: Sunny and an air temperature of 26

Click here for the timed results from Monza 

At Valencia, Sauber started a 3 day test session in preparation for the Hungarian GP on the 19th of August. Kimi Raikkonen was the only driver on track as he covered 58 laps concentrating on set-up and tyre evaluation.

Testing continues tomorrow with BAR expected to join.
Weather: Sunny and an air temperature of 38

Click here for the timed results from Valencia 

And at Fiorano, Luca Badoer returned to the Ferrari test track today covering 58 laps and concentrating on set-up and electronics.
Weather: Sunny and an air temperature of 28

Click here for the timed results from Fiorano 

17-Jul: "Has David Coulthard ruined his chances ?" Topic of the week - Have Your Say

17-Jul: Ralf Schumacher for the second race in a row appears to have ignored team instructions to let his team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya through.
At the French GP, Montoya was stuck behind Ralf who was struggling with tyre problems. Ralf later claimed that he didn't hear the team on the radio!.
At the British GP, the team asked Ralf to let Montoya through as Montoya was on a different strategy and this time Ralf just ignored the instruction. He later said "I didn't let Juan Pablo past because I knew I was on the same strategy as Barrichello, so I was confident I could pass him."
Patrick Head was clearly angry while Ralf was holding up Montoya during the race and he later blamed Ralf for Montoya not finishing on the podium and said "If Ralf had let Juan Pablo through, as we asked him to do, Juan Pablo would have finished third."

Many would consider the incident between Coulthard and Trulli as a racing incident however David Coulthard had everything to lose by closing the door on Trulli. A frustrated Eddie Jordan believes that David Coulthard ruined his own chances in the championship by doing what he did and said "Someone of his calibre knows that in order to win the Championship he has to accumulate points, so having made a poor start, he should have realised that a charger from behind would be going for glory at the first corner. I don’t see how Jarno can be blamed for going for it as he had nothing to lose. By not giving Jarno any space David ruined his chances of fighting with Michael for the title.
It is an enormous pity as I would like very much to see David win the Championship. But I am frustrated by what happened as more than anything we need as many points as we can and yesterday it was equally important for us and David to score points."

16-Jul: Alain Prost has indicated that while he hoped that his record number of GP wins (51) would hold forever, he is prepared for Michael Schumacher to break it soon and said "The fact that Michael is getting very close to beating it, I was already prepared. I mean I stopped six, nine years ago - I don't even remember. It's a long time already that I have held the record. I am part of the history of Formula One, when you retire it's not that important, but it would have been good to keep this record forever. The most important thing is to be still there to look at this sort of record being beaten, especially when you have been racing for 20 years. Obviously he (Michael) is one of the best, I would never say that he is the best, or me, or Fangio. You cannot say he is the best, some people say that, but I would never say that. He's very quick, he's very clever, he has managed to get the team situation at Ferrari where he can do his job in a very special ambience in a very special team."
He recalls beating Jackie Stewarts's records number of wins (27) and says "For me when I won 51 it didn't make a difference because I was already holding the record. Obviously when I beat Jackie's record, when I beat his 27 win record, then it was really something. When you are holding the record and it's 48, 49, 50, 51 then it doesn't make any difference you are just winning another race."
Prost admits that he thought his record would be broken far sooner by the great Ayrton Senna and said "When I retired I thought this record would be beaten by Ayrton very quickly, maybe two, three years – maybe one year, you never know, he had 41 wins."

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