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Issue 16 - The Heretic

29 May - 3 June News  
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3-Jun: Bobby Rahal, the boss of Jaguar Racing has indicated that they have a binding contract with Adrian Newey and that Adrian Newey and McLaren have violated it. He told the News of the World "We have a binding contract that has been violated by Adrian and McLaren. We will definitely pursue a remedy through the court system in England. It's not a question of a man's word. I have been talking to Adrian for six months about this. There has been a breach of contract and we are going to defend our rights."

Rahal believes that Newey had a change of heart after signing the contract with them. Despite what has happened, he indicated that he would still take him if he changed his mind again and said "Obviously he had a change of mind. I've spoken to him and I don't think he'll change his mind again, but if he does, we still want him. Despite this, we are going to succeed."

The fight over Adrian Newey started on Friday morning when Jaguar announced that they have secured his services from August 2002 (story) but hours later McLaren announced that he was staying! (story)

2-Jun: On the final day of testing at Fiorano prior to the Canadian GP, Luca Badoer carried out electronic and aerodynamic testing. He completed 91 laps with a best time of 1:00.281.

Click here for the timed results 

The International Court of Appeal met in Paris to decide on the appeal by British American Racing regarding the Stewards rejection of their protest over Kimi Raikkonen's overtaking under yellow flags at the Austrian Grand Prix. The court rejected the appeal and the results were considered final. 
The court's decision read "Having listened to the explanations of all the parties involved and examined the various documents and other evidence, the Court rejected the appeal and decided to confirm the Stewards' decision (document number 44) of the 2001 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix.
The results of this event are therefore final."

1-Jun: On the final day of testing at Monza, Juan Pablo Montoya set the fastest time ahead of Sauber's Nick Heidfeld. Only 2 cars and 2 drivers were present.
Nick Heidfeld covered 64 laps while Juan Pablo Montoya did 49 laps. Both drivers lost some time in the morning due to minor problems.

Weather conditions remained hot with air temperatures reaching 32 degrees and track temperatures reaching 48 degrees. 

Click here for the timed results 

The Ferrari team shook down the 3 cars heading to Canada at Fiorano today. Luca Badoer drove the 3 cars and covered a total of 19 laps and a best time of 1:01.059. Badoer will continue testing at Fiorano tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results 

1-Jun: Following the announcement earlier today by Jaguar Racing that they have signed Adrian Newey as their Chief Technical Officer from August 2002, the McLaren team have issued a statement confirming that Adrian Newey will remain with them for 3 years beyond his existing contract which expires in August 2002. The statement read "West McLaren Mercedes and Adrian very much regret the confusion, which will have been caused by the statements released earlier today. However, both parties are delighted to continue this successful relationship which has developed over the past four years. During the extended term of Adrian�s contract with the team, he will remain Technical Director responsible for the design of the 2002 and 2003 cars. It is anticipated that during this time Adrian and the team will evaluate other sporting technical challenges, which they may pursue in the future."
Ron Dennis, the boss of McLaren said "Clearly Adrian has been looking for fresh challenges, he has now concluded that we can provide them from within our organisation. I know how competitive Adrian is and I am very comfortable that he will continue to apply his usual energy to our programme."

Adrian Newey was delighted with the announcement and apologised for the confusion over this issue and said "Whilst I am delighted to confirm my intention to remain at McLaren International and recognise that there are many exciting opportunities ahead, I regret any speculation which has been caused by my conversations with my good friend Bobby Rahal. I appreciate that I came very close to working with him again and have agonised over this decision. I informed him of my decision to remain at McLaren some time prior to the release issued this morning by Jaguar Racing but I understand that the mechanisms of this release made it impossible to stop and I am sorry for any embarrassment that it will have caused to my friends at Jaguar and McLaren."

Jaguar Racing have issued a statement indicating that they will further pursue this matter. Their statement read "Jaguar Racing signed a contract with Adrian Newey in good faith. In light of this afternoon�s statement from McLaren International it is, therefore, a matter for further discussion."

1-Jun: In a major coup for the Jaguar Racing team, Adrian Newey, McLaren's Technical Director has signed with them as their Chief Technical Officer and will start with Jaguar Racing from August 2002.

Adrian Newey indicated that while it was a hard decision to make, he is glad to join his old friend Bobby Rahal and said "This has not been an easy decision for me to make. I have enjoyed hugely my four years to date at McLaren and take great satisfaction from the success that we as a team have achieved. Moreover, this success has been combined with forming many lasting friendships within the team especially with Ron and Martin. I would also like to pay tribute to my engineering colleagues at McLaren and Mario Illien at Ilmor Engineering, without whom this success would not have been possible. But, in the end the prospect of working once again with my close friend, Bobby, whom I have known since 1984 at March Racing, combined with the prospect of the exciting challenge that Jaguar Racing offers proved irresistible. In the meantime I have a job to do and I will continue to be fully committed to McLaren in our bid to win races and World Championships."

Jaguar's team boss Bobby Rahal said "I'm thrilled at the prospect of having Adrian on- board in what promises to be a very exciting period for Jaguar in Formula One. We go back many years to our days together in Indy cars and our friendship has certainly played a key role in making this happen. Design teams led by Adrian have created six of the Formula One cars that have won the Constructors' and the Drivers' World Championship in the last nine years with an average win rate of 50%. His influence has dominated the last decade of the first century of motor racing and this new chapter with Jaguar Racing will provide Adrian with an opportunity to take one of the most emotive names in motor racing to the status of Formula One World Champions. I have always said that we needed the best people to take us into championship contention and you don't get any better than Adrian Newey. He is, in my opinion, the man responsible for generating more speed in F1 than any driver or engine out there. The art of aerodynamics is critical to a team's success and the arrival of Adrian at Jaguar Racing will leave us short of nothing in that department."

Niki Lauda the boss of Premier Performance Division which includes Jaguar Racing said "This is great news for Jaguar Racing and we are obviously delighted at pulling off something of this magnitude. We have always been deadly serious about our F1 ambitions and this goes quite some way to proving our commitment to winning."

Even though Newey has indicated that he will continue to focus on his job at McLaren until then, it is unlikely that he will remain in his position until then. McLaren haven't issued a statement yet.

1-Jun: McLaren's Technical Director Adrian Newey is strongly rumoured to be in contract discussions with Jaguar Racing. Newey is considered to be the man behind the World Championship winning cars of McLaren  in '98 and '99 and the Williams of '96 and '97. 
Although no announcements have been made, the Jaguar team didn't deny nor confirm such news and their spokesman said "The team are trying to put together the building blocks for future success, and that includes attracting the best people. We are being bombarded by media speculation and I say speculation because nobody has said anything official yet."

Meanwhile McLaren issued a statement indicating that Newey has still over a year to go with his current contract and that they are negotiating with him!, the statement read "Adrian Newey has got more than a year to run on his contract with McLaren. We are currently negotiating with Adrian in good faith and based on what he has told us, we don't believe that he has signed for Jaguar Racing."

Newey has been through this before; when he decided to join McLaren in late 96 despite having a contract with Williams until '99, he was suspended by Williams and following lengthy negotiations between the 2 teams he was allowed to start his new job at McLaren in August of '97.

Following the Magny Cours test, Michael Schumacher was optimistic about Ferrari's chances for the Canadian Grand Prix however he was wary of the Williams team who set the fastest lap time on every day of the test. Schumacher said "We didn�t actually do any specific development for the Canadian GP. The car has proved competitive on all the tracks so far, so I�m pretty hopeful that Montreal will go well, too. I reckon that Williams could be in the running. It depends on how the Michelin tyres perform, as that track probably suits my brother�s team."

Jacques Villeneuve who opens a new restaurant in Montreal this week appears to have found the right set-up for his car, thanks to traction control. His race engineer Jock Clear has indicated that they have finally found the set-up that suites Villeneuve's driving style and that he is very optimistic for the rest of the season. He said "With traction control, you can have a car that is stiffer and more oversteery, and compensate for that with the electronics. We now have a much stiffer suspension at the rear and we stiffened the front a bit too. The car's settings now resemble those Jacques used to adopt during his Williams days in 1997 and 1998.
I believe we can be pretty optimistic for Montreal and for the rest of the season. Jacques has found his car again."

31-May: Marc Gene took over the testing duties from Ralf Schumacher who was suffering from a sore throat. Gene put in the fastest lap at this circuit since '97. The Williams looks impressive on this track with Gene setting a time faster than both Michael Schumacher and David Coulthard. 

10 teams were present on the final day of testing although a few regular drivers finished early giving a chance for the test drivers to show their skills. 
Following a limited running due to failures yesterday, David Coulthard covered a massive 101 lap today with Michael Schumacher covering 95 and Marc Gene 94.
Jenson Button covered the least number of laps with 52.
There were no major incidents during the session.

Weather conditions were remained hot with air temperatures reaching 31 degrees and track temperatures reaching 50 degrees. 

Click here for the timed results 

At Monza, Juan Pablo Montoya set the fastest time of the day ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Only 2 cars and 2 drivers were present here as Minardi concluded their test yesterday.
Montoya covered 54 laps while Raikkonen did 45 laps and had to stop short his session after a transmission problem forced him to stop on the track.

Weather conditions were a little cooler than yesterday with air temperatures reaching 32 degrees and track temperatures reaching 48 degrees. 

Testing concludes tomorrow

Click here for the timed results 

30-May: The Sauber and Minardi teams have decided to give the Magny Cours test a miss and instead concentrate on setting the car up for low downforce configuration at Monza. The Williams team was also there testing with Juan Pablo Montoya.
Kimi Raikkonen set the fastest time of the day ahead of Juan Juan Pablo Montoya and Fernando Alonso
3 teams were present with 4 drivers setting lap times. Raikkonen covered the most number of laps with 55 followed by Montoya with 39 and Marques with 27. The session was stopped for more than an hour after Montoya's engine blew up and the track had a lot of oil on it.

Weather conditions were hot with air temperatures reaching 39 degrees and track temperatures reaching 50 degrees. 

Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results 

30-May: Ralf Schumacher was again the fastest man on the track today ahead of Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. Ralf's fastest lap time was slightly slower than the time he set yesterday. 

10 teams were present with 15 drivers setting lap times. David Coulthard and Olivier Panis replaced their respective test drivers while Heinz Harald Frentzen was also present however after driving a few laps he felt unwell and was told to rest.
Jarno Trulli covered the most number of laps with 100 followed by both Barrichello and Panis with 82 and Villeneuve with 80. Frentzen only covered 12 laps while David Coulthard just managed 31 laps.

A number of teams had problems on the track with Coulthard suffering from gearbox problems while Burti and Bernoldi suffered problems as well. 

The teams concentrated on development testing for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix as well as finding the right set-up for the French GP on the 1st of July. 
Weather conditions were again hot with air temperatures reaching 32 degrees and track temperatures reaching 51 degrees.

Testing concludes tomorrow.


30-May: "Is it a 2-way fight for the Drivers' title ?" Topic of the week - Have Your Say

30-May: "Ferrari wins by default" is the title of the 16th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix - Issue 16

29-May: On the first day of testing at Magny Cours, Ralf Schumacher set the fastest time of the day ahead of Alexander Wurz and Pedro de la Rosa. Ralf's time was the fastest time set here since '99 and given that this is the first day of testing, the laps times are expected to drop even further.

10 teams were present with 14 drivers setting lap times. Alexander Wurz covered the most number of laps with 89 followed by Rubens Barrichello and Pedro de la Rosa. Michael Schumacher joined the test late in the afternoon and covered only 7 laps.

The teams concentrated on development testing for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix as well as finding the right set-up for the French GP on the 1st of July. 
While lap times during test session are not really indicative of the true pace of car, it appears that Michelin have an advantage on this track with Williams, Jaguar and Benetton all clocking relatively quick times.
Weather conditions were hot with air temperatures reaching 35 degrees and track temperatures reaching 52 degrees. There were no major incidents during the session.

Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results 

29-May: 10 of the 12 Formula 1 teams start a 3 day testing session at Magny Cours today. Only Minardi and Sauber will not be taking in this test. Most of the teams will be running 2 programs. One to test new developments in preparation for the Canadian Grand prix on the 10th of June and the other to do all the necessary set-up work for the French Grand Prix on the 1st of July as the teams are banned from testing at a circuit 4 weeks before a Grand Prix is held there.
A full report and results from the first day of testing will be available later today.

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