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10-Sep: Luciano Burti has confirmed that he will not race at Monza this Sunday. He also left it open as to when and if he will return to Formula 1. Burti left the University Hospital of Liege earlier today and issued a statement that read "One of the first things I did after I left the hospital was talk to my family and my friends that I am not ready to be back to racing yet. But I will be the only person who knows when I should be back in a F1 car.
They perfectly understood and respected my decision and I realized after this accident how important it is to be able to make this very personal decisions and share with the people that I love. If I am happy, I will be back to racing and if I have a competitive car, I will show the world what Luciano Burti is made of."

The Prost team have announced that Czech driver Tomas Enge will replace Burti at the Italian Grand Prix. Alain Prost said "It is very important for us to know that Luciano is now definitely feeling well, and personally, I can only approve his decision to wait a little bit more before coming back in the car. I hope to welcome him back in the very near future, even if at the moment we still do not know how long it is going to be. Despite the sad circumstances, we can call ourself very lucky as Luciano is on the way to recover totally from his accident.
As for the Italian Grand Prix, Tomas Enge will be driving for us in Monza. It is a fantastic opportunity to have Tomas racing with us. We have been watching him for a long time and he is one of the drivers we are thinking of for the future. Last week, as it had been planned for a long time, he tested with us at the Magny-Cours track and completed 120 laps without any problem. He showed how quick, reliable and professional he is, and I am sure he can do a very good job for our team at the Italian Grand Prix."

Tomas Enge said "This is something I have been dreaming of for the last 6 or 7 years ! Ten years ago, the situation in the Czech Republic kept us a million miles away from this level of motor racing. Today I am happy and proud to be the first Czech driver in Formula One. Everything came so quickly. After a good season in F3000, I had the chance to sign with the Prost Acer team to be their test driver for the remainder of the season and had a successful first test drive last week. I feel sorry that the opportunity to drive in Monza came about because Luciano suffered a terrible accident. I wish him all the best and hope he will soon be back where he belongs. I still can�t express how great it is for me to drive this car. I will try my utmost to do a good job for the team and to reward the confidence Alain Prost puts in me today."

Peter Sauber has confirmed that he is in talks with McLaren over Kimi Raikkonen. He indicated that while he prefers not to let him go, he will make a good deal if he does let him go and said "Yes, McLaren is interested in Kimi. There will be negotiations in the next few weeks. Kimi is the driver of the future and we will, for sure, take that into account. He is a young driver, but he's already fantastic and he's in the middle of a lot of rumours. Some of that is true, two top teams want him. I'd prefer not to let him go, but it depends on what and how much I am offered. If he will go, I will surely have made a good deal."

Speculation is mounting that Raikkonen would be offered to McLaren in exchange for Mercedes 'works' power once the Ferrari contract runs out at the end of 2002. It appears that this is one of the reasons McLaren have not made their announcement regarding their driver line-up for next year. 

9-Sep: "Schumacher Invincible" is the title of the 28th issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2001 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Belgian Grand Prix - Issue 28

8-Sep: The Season so far - Part 4 - We look at the previous 4 races of the 2001 season ... Full Report

7-Sep: A 'draft' 2002 F1 Calendar appeared in the media in the last few days although the FIA didn't officially release one. This calendar was very similar to the 2001 calendar.
The FIA have today issued a statement indicating that the 2002 Calender is not yet ready and are hoping to release the draft calendar on the 3rd of October. The statement read "Reports have appeared this week suggesting that the FIA has published the 2002 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar. This is not correct.
A draft calendar is not yet ready for submission to the Formula One Commission, still less to the World Motor Sport Council.
It is hoped to have a draft calendar ready for the World Motor Sport Council to discuss on 3rd October, and to include it in the press release that will be published that same day.

7-Sep: On the final day of testing at Magny Cours, it was Juan Pablo Montoya who set the fastest time of the day and the year ahead of Marc Gene and Heinz Harald Frentzen.
4 teams were present with 5 drivers setting lap times. Juan Pablo Montoya covered the most number of laps with 76 laps followed by  Marc Gene with 70 and Heinz Harald Frentzen with 59.

Kimi Raikkonen suffered a high speed crash on his third lap (first flying lap) going off at L'Ecole. Raikkonen was taken to the Nevers Magny Cours CHU Hospital for a check-up and was given the all clear. Raikkonen then returned to his home in Finland.

The session was run under wet conditions in the morning drying out in the afternoon. overcast but dry conditions. Late in the afternoon, the teams ran on an artificially wet track to simulate wet conditions.

Click here for the timed results from Magny Cours

6-Sep: Although there is no official confirmation from the Prost team regarding who will be driving for them at the Italian Grand Prix, it appears that Luciano Burti's chances of making it onto the grid are looking slimmer by the day. Dr. Gary Hartstein, the medical team's supervisor monitoring Burti's condition doubts that he'll even show up at the Monza track and said "The scan shows that the bleeding, which stopped Sunday, is being naturally absorbed, as we expected. Luciano's physical recuperation pace is excellent and above expectations. Nevertheless, we do not want to accelerate things and the family's position is to keep Luciano under medical observation for however long it is necessary in order for him to go back to his normal routine. We are winning the battle step by step and it is our intention to keep acting in the same manner. We like people who have had severe concussion to be totally asymptomatic for a significant amount of time before any chance of a second concussion. So I don't know where that puts Luciano. We would want him to go a certain period of time, longer than the next race at any event, before he even thinks about getting back in the car. If my son were to have an impact like Luciano had I would probably want to see him asymptomatic for at least four to eight weeks before getting back in the car. I don't think he will be showing up at Monza physically, I think he's probably going to still be resting."
Luciano Burti
understands the situation and said "We, drivers, we are always in a hurry, but I know perfectly well when you must be patient and this is one of these moments. Of course I want to be back as soon as possible, but I know that being in a rush now is not a good idea. Then I trust the doctors that are taking care of me as well as of my family and with their support I will know what to say about my future."

It seems that the Prost team will have yet another driver change. So far this season, they've had 2 (Burti taking over from Mazzacane and Frentzen taking over from Alesi).

6-Sep: On the final day of testing at Mugello, Michael Schumacher set the fastest time ahead of Olivier Panis and Fernando Alonso.
4 teams were present with 5 drivers setting lap times. Jean Alesi covered the most number of laps with 80 followed by Michael Schumacher with 75 and Fernando Alonso covering 72 laps. 
The teams mainly concentrated on development work for 2002 and set-up.

There no major incidents during the session today.
The session was run under sunny conditions. 

Click here for the timed results from Mugello

At Magny Cours, Nick Heidfeld set the fastest time on the second day of testing with Juan Pablo Montoya in second and Marc Gene in third. Heidfeld's time was the fastest set on this track this season.
4 teams were present with 5 drivers setting lap times. Juan Pablo Montoya covered the most number of laps with 85 laps followed by Nick Heidfeld with 76 and Tomas Enge with 57.
The teams mainly concentrated on development work for 2002 and set-up.

Nick Heidfeld has an off in the morning and damaged his car slightly.
The session was run under overcast but dry conditions.
The test continues tomorrow.

Click here for the timed results from Magny Cours

At Fiorano, Luca Badoer concluded his testing for Ferrari today. He concentrated on electronics as well as mechanical component testing. He completed a total of 132 laps with a best time of 59.741.

Ricardo Zonta continued his 3 day straight line test for Jordan at Vairano, Oliver Gavin continues his straight line testing for Benetton at Danielson while Andre Lotterer continues his straight line testing for Jaguar at the Elvington airfield, all in preparation for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix on the 16th of September.

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