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6 - 9 March News  
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9-Mar: Luca Badoer completed a 4 day test for Ferrari at Mugello. On the final day Badoer ran some comparative tests between the F2002 and the F2001. He completed 90 laps in the F2002 and 13 laps in the F2001 with the best time set in the F2002. 

Click here for the test times from Mugello 

Stephane Sarrazin completed his first test for Toyota at the Paul Ricard circuit. Driving the TF102 he concentrated on electronics testing, launch and traction control as well as testing a new engine specification. Sarrazin commented on his first test by saying "Driving the Toyota TF102 for the first time I am very satisfied with the results we have achieved in this session. The car feels quite good although I had to get used to the left foot brake. We decided to do an engine reliability test that worked out positive. Both engines we used run for more than 400 kilometres before they reached the end of their lives."
No times where available

9-Mar: Rubens Barrichello first race of the season only lasted for a few seconds after being hit from behind by Ralf Schumacher as they approached the first corner. Rubens gave his view of the events and said "When the lights went out, I made a normal start, not a brilliant one and I could see that Michael had dropped back and that the Williams was coming up very quickly. So I moved to the right to shut the door, but then Ralf disappeared from my vision and I thought he had gone completely to the left. I was hoping he was on the outside line and I was concentrating on accelerating for the first corner and the next thing I felt was a bang. Looking at the photos after the race, I think it was my own rear wing which hit me on the helmet. It was a very light blow, but let's say that helmet is not serviceable any more. The bigger impact came from my head going backwards with the impact of the crash."
Barrichello doesn't believe that the pile up behind was caused by his accident with Ralf and said "I have heard some comments that the second accident was caused by the accident I had with Ralf, but I don't agree with that. It looked like a separate accident to me, with two other cars spinning and causing the big pile-up."

8-Mar: Michelin are working around the clock to ensure they provide their teams with competitive tyres for the upcoming Malaysian GP. Both Williams and McLaren have been evaluating and testing different tyre compounds for Michelin at Silverstone and Paul Ricard. It is believed that the new Michelin tyre expected to be used at the Malaysian Grand Prix will be significantly better than the one used in Australia.

Michael Schumacher called Jarno Trulli's attempts to keep him behind at the Australian GP as fair but not appropriate. Now Renault's Technical Director Mike Gascoyne has attacked Michael's comments and described them as 'pathetic' and said "His (Michael's) comments about Jarno defending his position were pathetic and inappropriate. Everyone wants to see racing and there were two guys racing for position. Michael had the better car and it's up to him to pass."
Mike doesn't blame Trulli for the spin and said "We went and watched it from Michael's in-car camera, and you can see the oil every lap. It's just that Jarno hit it that lap because he was slightly off line. It's very unfortunate, but you can't blame him."

8-Mar: The Williams team have concluded their 4 day test at Silverstone with Marc Gene driving. The team concentrated on practice starts on the final day. Williams Test team manager Tim Newton said of the 4 day test "A good test. We completed two race simulations, to trial engine developments, without any problems. We also extended the test this morning to conduct practice starts plus do some work for Michelin."
No times were available today.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

Jean Alesi concluded his 3 day test with McLaren at the Paul Ricard circuit. Alesi drove a hybrid version of the MP4-16 which raced last year. He was pleased with his test and said "It means a lot to me that after thirteen years in Formula One I have had the opportunity to drive a McLaren Mercedes car. Throughout my driving career, McLaren has always made impressive cars and been the team to beat, so it has been a big week for me. We have had a positive few days following a scheduled programme and I have enjoyed working with the West McLaren Mercedes team. It was a very professional and friendly environment and we have worked hard, illustrated by the distance and number of laps covered in the wet weather. I am now looking forward to the start of the DTM season and concentrating on racing for Mercedes-Benz in the DTM Championship."
Mercedes Motorsport boss Norbert Haug said "Jean did an excellent job during the three days of testing in difficult conditions especially during the first two days. With his contribution to the tyre evaluation programme he provided us with a lot of useful data. He was very busy doing 1,300 kms - more than four Grand Prix distances in three days."

Ferrari continue testing the F2002 at Mugello with Luca Badoer at the wheel. Badoer continued the development work on the F2002 covering 79 laps and setting a best time of 1:22.016 which is a new lap record. 
Badoer continues testing for Ferrari tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Mugello 

At Fiorano, Luciano Burti concluded testing the F2001. Burti concentrated on tyre development as he completed 113 laps and setting a best time of 58.885.

Click here for the test times from Fiorano 

7-Mar: It has been revealed that the FIA considered taking action against Ralf Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello following their first corner crash in Australia. However after reviewing the incident it was decided that it was marginal. Max Mosley, the President of the FIA said "The stewards looked at the incident from every possible angle with many different videos and decided it was a legitimate manoeuvre in that when he (Barrichello) moves to the left in front of Ralf Schumacher he was taking his line for the corner. We ourselves have a right of appeal from the stewards and I considered the matter with Charlie Whiting whether we should take it further. In the end we decided it was marginal and Charlie is going to talk to the drivers in Malaysia."

7-Mar: Ferrari have made the decision to use the F2001 in Malaysia earlier than expected. While the team was happy with the testing results of the F2002, the team opted to use the F2001 in Malaysia. Jean Todt said "The development programme for the F2002 is progressing well. Luca Badoer's work in Mugello is producing good signs and today, we did a race simulation. Having said that, it is clear that the F2001 proved it was competitive in the Australian Grand Prix and that can also be the case in Malaysia, where we will presumably encounter different weather conditions. In the meantime, we will continue to work on the F2002, with the aim of racing with it as soon as possible."

7-Mar: Marc Gene continued to set the pace at Silverstone ahead of Fernando Alonso and Anthony Davidson.
3 teams were present with 3 drivers setting lap times. Marc Gene covered the most number of laps with 78 followed by Fernando Alonso with 43 and Anthony Davidson with 29. 
Marc Gene's time was the best so far this season however it is still down on the best time set in 2001.
The teams again concentrated on tyre testing.
Renault have concluded their test while Williams continues tomorrow for half a day.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

At Fiorano, Luciano Burti continued testing the F2001. Under sunny conditions, Burti concentrated on evaluating new Bridgestone tyres. He covered a total of 136 laps with a best time of 59.591.
Luciano Burti continues testing at Fiorano tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Fiorano 

At Mugello, Luca Badoer continued testing the F2002. He completed a long run without any problems with the car covering 100 laps and setting a best time of 1:23.162.
Luca Badoer continues testing tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Mugello 

7-Mar: "The Car ? or the Tyres ?" is the title of the 3rd issue from the Diagnosis and Prognosis Series for the 2002 season. In this issue, the Heretic looks at the aftermath of the Australian Grand Prix - Issue 3

6-Mar: On the second day of testing at Silverstone, Marc Gene continued to top the timesheets ahead of Anthony Davidson and Fernando Alonso.
3 teams were present with 3 drivers setting lap times. Marc Gene covered the most number of laps with 73 followed by Anthony Davidson with 43 and Fernando Alonso with 42. 
The teams concentrated on tyre testing with Williams also completing a race simulation.
Testing continues tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Silverstone 

At Fiorano, Luciano Burti continued testing the F2001. Under mixed conditions, Burti concentrated on evaluating new Bridgestone tyres. He covered a total of 98 laps with a best time of 1:00.060.
Luciano Burti continues testing at Fiorano tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Fiorano 

At Mugello, Luca Badoer started testing the F2002. He continued the development work on the new car covering 79 laps and setting a best time of 1:23.500.
Luca Badoer continues testing tomorrow.

Click here for the test times from Mugello 

6-Mar: Jaguar are considering reverting back to last year's car after suffering from major aerodynamics problems with the new car. The team realise that they have only managed to score 3 points at the first race of the season due to the first corner crash which took out almost half the field. A team spokesperson said "The R3 will race in Malaysia. The cars are going straight to Malaysia from Melbourne. What we do beyond that is being considered right now. We do not intend to let any knee-jerk reactions rule the day on this one. First we have to assess how much work it is going to take to get R3 right and compare this to the practicality of reverting to a version of last year's car. By Brazil we will have a clearer idea of our best way forward."

6-Mar: Sandy and EXILE share the lead after the first round in the 6 'n' Pole competition ... Full Results ... Register

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