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26-Sep: At the Thursday press conference for the United States GP, Rubens Barrichello indicated that given that his second place in the Drivers' Championship is almost secured, he will be going for a win rather than take a conservative approach and grab the 3 points that he needs and said "It's been a good season even though at the beginning of the season I've had no - had a lot of DNFs, but it's been a good season. So I was working my way to win more races and to be challenging for second position in the championship. Of course, last race by winning and then for Juan Pablo not to finish and even Ralf seemed to have a problem, it became a bit easier but I'll be looking for a win here more than be conservative and looking for the points."
Rubens still dreams of winning the World Title despite being a team-mate to Michael Schumacher and said "You know, people could say, okay, with Michael on the team it's going to be impossible. But I'm proving them wrong because it's been closer, it's been - you know, we've been racing well together, especially in qualifying, I think it has been more together if we put it this way. But I think on top of everything, you've got to enjoy. I'm enjoying fully my season with Ferrari and, you know, it depends pretty much on the start of the season. We got to Austria on the fifth or sixth race, he had 44 points and I had six, for one reason or the other. I couldn't blame the decision that was taken there. So I just have to feel free to do my own business and race the way I want and try to win. I mean, my dream would be to win the World Championship."

Juan Pablo Montoya talked about the progress Williams have made this year and said "I think things have gone well, I think everybody wants more all the time. You know, I think the car did a big step forward from last year. We're ahead of McLaren and everything. Everybody was expecting we are going to beat Ferrari and that's just not the case at the moment.
I think we didn't get it quite right first. We did two or three big steps but we kept up going competitive with everybody else, probably at the same rate. But if you keep going at the same rate as everybody else, then you're not really moving that much forward. So I think the biggest focus at the moment is next year's car."
As for racing at Indy, Montoya said "Always been really good for me. The fan scene is really quite good. A lot of people like my style here. I've got a lot of fans behind me. You see a lot of Colombians coming here as well. So fans that were here when I won Indy, you know, fans from Colombia and everything. It's pretty special. It would be nice to win here. It's nice to win anywhere, but I think here will be a bit special."

David Coulthard was pleased with the progress McLaren-Mercedes have made during the season and said "I think they've (Mercedes) made a lot of progress from where we started at the beginning of the season to where we are now. It's probably one of the biggest areas that we've improved. So coming to the circuit, which has I think one of the longest sections of flat out, a hundred percent throttle, I'm quite optimistic that we can have a reasonable performance here.
I guess you could say as we're getting back up there, we're getting more potential use out of the car."
When asked what Americans need to do to get into the sport, David said "It's only good to have drivers from all over the world if they actually deserve to be there. Because we've seen in some countries, some nationalities where they have been fielding drivers for a number of years and haven't done anything. I don't think that actually helps that country feel particularly part of the sport and proud of their drivers. So, you know, there's no reason why there couldn't be an American in the right car do a competitive job in Formula One. I guess if you bring them through the same background that we've all come, which is the European Racing Series, then that's the best way to get into Formula One."

Niki Lauda was relieved following Irvine's third place finish at Monza after a bad start to the season. He said "I was never told any different than keep on with the program, make sure that the car works, which in the beginning it didn't; and thank God in Monza it turned around a bit. So from this point, which is my responsibility, we're trying hard to make it better. Let's wait and see how it works here. But I think it can't be too bad here. 
Motivation means everything for people, for human beings, especially for the whole team, which worked hard the whole year and no results were achieved. So really this was certainly depressing. But thank God in Monza, with a little bit of luck, we finished third. So from this point of view motivation is highest, so people are motivated now, which is the most important thing."
As for his driver line-up for next year, Niki said "First of all, my biggest problem was to sort the car out. I'm not doing if myself but this was our main job. If a car is really bad like it was in the beginning of the season, I would ask any driver, would you drive for me, he will say yes with a lot of money because we have a car which is not really competitive. This is a bad situation we're in. So, therefore, we have been working hard to get the car better, to show the drivers that the Jaguar car is a potential. And now we're going to start discussing. It is completely open for the time being."
Regarding the deal between Jordan and Ford, Niki said "There are two different situations to be watched, which is the Ford side I am not talking about now, and the Cosworth side. 
The Cosworth is pretty simple. Eddie signed a three-year contract for Cosworth engines for his team. Next year we're going to use a new V-90 degree engine on the Jaguar car and he will use this year's engine. So we'll start with this year's engine next year and they will follow up. As soon as we have enough V-90s ready, then he will have that one. So this contract is signed and this is all I am responsible for. When we lost the Arrows deal basically, which was my original start to supply engines to another team, it was obvious for me to find somebody else. That's Eddie Jordan, so I'm very happy about that."
Niki confirmed that they are in talks with Minardi for a supply of engines and said "We're negotiating at the moment. The deal is not fixed and done yet but there is a possibility."

25-Sep: Michael Schumacher is hoping that Ferrari can win the final two races of the season but indicated that the tyres will be a key factor and said "We have such a good car that of course it would be great if the last two races went in our favour. Tyres are a key factor as we saw already in Monza. Even if it looked as though things were easy for us, the race was actually very close."
Michael doesn't rate the track at Indy highly but described the huge crowds as 'something really special' and said "Of course it is a famous name, but you have to remember that the race does not take place on the famous Indy oval. The new layout is not comparable and given its combination of corners, I would rate the Formula 1 track at Indianapolis as medium.
I have to say that racing in front of a crowd of 200,000 is something really special. I am curious to see what it will be like this year, given that last yearís race came shortly after particularly sad circumstances. With hindsight, I would say it was the right decision to race there in 2001, as we tried to bring some happiness to people who had suffered badly with what had happened. I was very impressed by the attitude of the crowds: they were not beaten, but continued to live their lives united together. You could really feel it and it was very moving."

Ralf Schumacher believes the Williams car is well suited to this track despite their disappointing result in Italy and said "Some people said that Monza was going to be our last chance for a victory this season, but in my opinion our car will also suit the Indy track. After both Juan and I didnít finish in Italy, our performance in the US will be even more carefully scrutinised and we will be looking for a better result. The long full-throttle sector in the parabolic corner suits our engine, but it will be very difficult to find the right compromise with the winding infield."
Team-mate Juan Pablo Montoya didn't make any predictions about the race but was happy to return to Indy where he won the famous Indy 500 and said "I am pleased to race at Indianapolis again. From a technical perspective, the Brickyard is a circuit that has got a lot of rhythm and so an important key to performing well in Indy is to have a well balanced car. The Speedway is also a good competitive circuit as it is very fast and strategy can come into play in the race outcome. I think it is probably one of the best circuits for overtaking, having such a long straight and turn one into the oval is an especially good place for passing. The trick is to get fairly close to the car in front of you by the end of the straight before trying to pass.
The circuit also holds sentimental value for me as when I raced in CART my team was based here. I have good memories from then, as well as of course winning the Indy 500."

BMW will use their latest engine specification which revs at over 19,000 RPM for qualifying and have yet to decide if they will use it for the race as well.

Contrary to Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard rates the Indy track very highly. David finished in the points at the previous 2 Indy races and hopes to maintain that record and said "Indianapolis is among the most historical and prestigious racing venues in the world, in my mind it is up there with Monaco and Spa. I have enjoyed the previous two SAP United States Grands Prix very much and am looking forward to this yearís race. Iíve secured points finishes in both of the previous races, and this is a record I am looking to continue. Although it was an incredibly emotional weekend last year, the American fans once again created a fantastic atmosphere and I hope we can put on a good show for them. There are a couple of clear overtaking opportunities at the track, the primary one being under braking into the first corner, that leads you off the oval."
Team-mate Kimi Raikkonen who retired just after 3 laps into the race last year (driving for Sauber) is hoping to cover more laps this time and said "The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix circuit offers a good mix of challenges, with the sweeping banked corner, which is unique in modern Formula One, and the twisty infield section in the centre of the oval. This contrast leads to a set-up compromise so that we can optimise the performance of the MP4-17 in the different sections of the track. I remember from last year that the track is fun to drive, and am hoping to put in more laps during the race than I did in 2001!"

Jarno Trulli who finished 4th at Monza is hoping to continue the strong showing and score more points for the team and said "Monza was a very nice surprise for all of us. We knew our package would be good, but there were some question marks as to whether it would last a race distance. I think we managed to finish because the engineers did such a good job working to solve our problems from the week before. It was a great result and a big boost for everybody.
I think it's great that we go to Indy. Even when I was young, I knew it was a great race and a great event. I enjoy being part of the myth of Indianapolis. The history of the track counts for a lot and it's always good to see some different supporters!
Obviously, you need very good top speed for the long straight and then good grip in the low-speed corners. These are definitely the two main things I will be looking for to go quickly, but they can make getting the exact set-up a bit of a calculated gamble.
We obviously have high expectations and want to end the season strongly. We need to wait and see how the car will react - we can't tell that until we get to the track - but I am very motivated and just as determined as ever to score more points for the Team."

24-Sep: The Quali-flyer's predictions for the 'Real Race' at the US GP ... Report

23-Sep: "Ferrari unbeatable!" - The United States Grand Prix Preview is now available ... Race Preview

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