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Fastest lap of the session: Michael Schumacher - 1:22.110 
Fastest lap of the session in 2001: Juan Pablo Montoya - 1:25.558 

Italian GP - 1st Saturday Practice Session

Final Order: Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, David Coulthard, Kimi Raikkonen, Ralf Schumacher and Eddie Irvine make the top 6.
de la Rosa, Massa, McNish, Villeneuve, Trulli, Heidfeld, Fisichella, Salo, Button, Panis, Sato, Webber, Barrichello and Yoong make the rest of the field.

45 min: Final lap ... and Montoya improves in second with a time of 1:22.135, that is just 0.025 seconds behind Michael!

44 min: Jacques Villeneuve stops on the track!. Session over for him!

43 min: Ralf Schumacher improves his time but remains in 5th with a 1:22.938

42 min: Several drivers return to the track for their final run of this 45 minutes session.

41 min: Both Webber and Yoong have improved in 18th and 20th respectively. Barrichello sits in 19th as he is out of the session.

40 min: David Coulthard improves yet again and is now in 3rd with a time of 1:22.663. McNish takes 9th from Villeneuve.

39 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Montoya, Raikkonen, R Schumacher, Irvine, Coulthard, de la Rosa, Massa, Villeneuve and Trulli.

38 min: David Coulthard also improves, this time into 6th with a time of 1:23.114

38 min: And Kimi Raikkonen takes 3rd with a time of 1:22.899.

37 min: Villeneuve takes 8th from Coulthard with a time of 1:23.668!

36 min: Kimi Raikkonen improves in 5th with a time of 1:23.039 while Coulthard moves into 8th with a time of 1:23.682

35 min: Jacques Villeneuve moves into 13th with a time of 1:23.976.

34 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Montoya, R Schumacher, Irvine, Raikkonen, de la Rosa, Massa, Trulli, Fisichella and Salo.

33 min: Eddie Irvine moves into 4th with a time of 1:23.037

33 min: Michael Schumacher responds and improves in 1st with a time of 1:22.110. That is already faster than the Pole time set here last year.

32 min: Juan Pablo Montoya improves in second with a time of 1:22.582

31 min: Jarno Trulli improves again. He is up in 8th with a time of 1:23.712

30 min: Eddie Irvine moves into 5th with a time of 1:23.359

29 min: Jarno Trulli moves into 12th with a time of 1:24.315. Mika Salo moves into 10th with a time of 1:24.128. Irvine on a fast lap.

28 min: Trulli on a flying lap. He is currently in 16th!

27 min: Mark Webber goes off into the gravel but recovers.

26 min: More drivers follow!

25 min: Session restarts and Mika Salo and Takuma Sato are out on the track straight away.

25 min: Session restarting in 2 minutes.

25 min: Session stopped - Top 10 - M Schumacher, Montoya, R Schumacher, Raikkonen, de la Rosa, Massa, McNish, Coulthard, Fisichella and Heidfeld. Irvine has yet to set a lap time.

25 min: Session stopped - The track marshals are clearing his car as it is stopped in a dangerous location on the track.

25 min: Session stopped - That is more bad luck for the Barrichello after missing the first session yesterday he'll struggle to get back on track for the next session.

24 min: And Rubens Barrichello blows an engine!. A rare scene from the Ferrari!. Session stopped!

23 min: Rubens Barrichello sets a slow first time with a 1:26.095. Trulli on track for his first timed lap.

22 min: Top 10 - M Schumacher, Montoya, R Schumacher, Raikkonen, de la Rosa, Massa, McNish, Coulthard, Fisichella and Heidfeld. Barrichello, Irvine and Trulli have yet to set lap times.

21 min: Juan Pablo Montoya takes second from his team-mate and is the closest to Michael Schumacher and only 0.232 seconds behind.

20 min: Ralf Schumacher takes second from Raikkonen with a 1:23.469. Coulthard moves into 5th with a 1:24.183

19 min: Kimi Raikkonen jumps into second with a time of 1:23.636. That is over a second slower than Michael's time!

18 min: While Nick Heidfeld takes 7th with a time of 1:25.079. More drivers join in including Coulthard and R Schumacher.

18 min: Felipe Massa jumps into 4th with a time of 1:24.517 and that is faster than his best time yesterday.

17 min: Kimi Raikkonen and the 2 Saubers are on the track. McNish improves with a 1:23.888 and remains in second.

16 min: And Michael Schumacher improves in 1st with a 1:22.538, still slower than his fastest time from yesterday.

15 min: Allan McNish takes second with a 1:24.663 which is faster than his best time yesterday while Webber improves again with a 1:25.955.

14 min: Michael Schumacher goes fastest with a time of 1:23.319. Sato is in second with a 1:25.718. 

13 min: And Alex Yoong improves on his time with a 1:27.249

13 min: Mark Webber improves with a 1:26.229. That is close to his best time yesterday but still slower.

12 min: Sato, M Schumacher and McNish are back on the track.

11 min: Alex Yoong sets a 1:28.268, that is much slower than his best time set yesterday.

10 min: Mark Webber sets the first time of the day, a 1:26.723, that is slower than his best time set yesterday.

9 min: Mark Webber starts his first flying lap of the day. Alex Yoong follow.

8 min: The 2 Minardis are the first to go back out onto the track for a longer run. Yoong was much closer to Webber yesterday. We'll see if he can maintain that today.

7 min: Barrichello and Villeneuve make it back to the pits. All the drivers have completed a shakedown lap. No times have been set yet.

5 min: Rubens Barrichello heads out onto the track and Villeneuve too!

4 min: Michael Schumacher makes it back to the pits. No cars on the track.

3 min: As the first cars that came out start to pit Michael Schumacher emerges from his garage and heads out onto the track.

2 min: Weather conditions are much better than yesterday with plenty of sunshine. Track temperatures are already at 18 degrees. This would be welcome news for the Michelin runners.

1 min: The 2 Ferraris, Villeneuve and de la Rosa are the only drivers not to go out onto the track yet.

Session underway and the cars head out for their installation lap headed Takuma Sato

Yesterday Michael Schumacher and Ferrari dominated the practice sessions. Michael Schumacher was 0.225 seconds ahead of his team-mate Rubens Barrichello while Kimi Raikkonen was 3rd and over half a second off the pace. The Michelin runners were strong but none of them were close to the Ferraris. The 2 Jaguar's and the Toyota of Mika Salo showed some promise but whether they can maintain that in qualifying remains to be seen. Session starting in 2 minutes

Session starting at 9:00 AM local time. It is partly cloudy with an air temperature of 14 degrees.

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