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Michael Schumacher
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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher Model Car Diecast and Merchandise

  Michael Schumacher: The Greatest of All?

Michael Schumacher: The Edge of Greatness  - Also from the UK
James Allen / Paperback / August 2009

Michael Schumacher is the outstanding Formula One driver of his generation and, statistically, the greatest ever. Gifted with a rare blend of superior ability and nerve that defines a champion, for 15 seasons he has left rivals trailing in his wake, winning an unprecedented seven world drivers' championships. But he is a controversial figure, feared for his ruthless tactics, despised for using extreme methods in pursuit of his goals. THE EDGE OF GREATNESS examines Schumacher's entire career: from his first Grand Prix with Jordan to his Benetton world championships and his attempt to win back Ferrari's crown. It tells the story behind Schumacher's record five consecutive world titles, uncovers the secrets of how he has stayed at the top for so long and examines the impact of his domination on the sport. Frank, honest, adroit and in-depth - James Allen reveals the anatomy of a champion.

  Michael Schumacher: The Greatest of All?

Michael Schumacher: The Greatest of All?  - Also from the UK
Christopher Hilton / Hardcover / November 2003

Michael Schumacher's successful 2001 Grand Prix seasons not only brought him his fourth World Championship but also netted him a clutch of new records. Most notably his victory in Belgium raised his total of wins to 52, beating the record set by Alain Prost in 1993 - but he also set new records for the number of fastest laps, distance led and laps led. This volume examines Schumacher's place in F1 history, how he brought glory back to Ferrari and, comparing him with other genius drivers, whether he really is the greatest of them all. Topics covered include: Schumacher's second World Championship for Ferrari, and how he brought Maranello back from the doldrums; maturing from "crash and bash" to elder statesman; his skills in qualifying, in the wet, in exploiting unfavourable situations, and in making crippled cars go on to win; evaluation from drivers and team principals about how he would measure up against greats such as Jim Clark, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna; the records he has broken, how, and what records remain; and full career statistics plus the record-breaking achievements, with comparisons. There are colour photographs of Schumacher on and off duty.

Michael Schumacher: Driving Force

Michael Schumacher: Driving Force - Also from the UK - Also from Canada
Michael Schumacher, Sabine Kehm, Michel Compt / Hardcover / May 2003

Since 1994 Michael Schumacher has dominated Grand Prix, winning the FIA World championship in five of the nine seasons. In 2001/2002 he broke almost every motor racing record and is the most successful Formula One driver of all time. This book reveals the real Michael Schumacher through extensive first person material as well as a narrative by Sabine Kehm, a journalist, colleague and friend of Schumacher. Readers will learn about Schumacher's past, the secrets of his extraordinary success, his family, his view of other drivers and the state of F1, his opinion of controversial races and drivers, and will be given an insider's view of Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher: The Ferrari Years

Michael Schumacher: The Ferrari Years - Also from Canada
Christopher Hilton / Hardcover / April 2001

An updated profile of the Formula 1 racing driver, taking the story up to the present with a detailed examination of Schumacher's career since joining Ferrari. The book analyses the sublime races in 2000 when the Italian team won its first Drivers' World Championship since 1979.

Michael Schumacher: Driven to Extremes

Michael Schumacher: Driven to Extremes - Also from the UK
James Allen / Paperback / April 2000

First published by Partridge Press in 1999, this is the official behind-the-scenes story of Schumacher and Ferrari's 1998 Grand Prix season. In 1997 Schumacher became the first man to be removed from the championship results for unsportsmanlike driving. At the start of the 1998 season, he was an outcast, could he still win races?

Schumi: A Biography of Michael Schumacher

Schumi: A Biography of Michael Schumacher - Also from the UK - Also from Canada
Alan Henry / Paperback / March 2000

Michael Schumacher is a phenomenon. His million-dollar deal to drive for Ferrari is matched only by the millions of fans that shadow his every move in what is a very public quest to secure the F1 World Championship crown for the legendary Italian team. And yet halfway through the 1999 season the German double World Champion, widely acknowledged as the finest driver of his generation, was presented with a new threat: that of his own mortality. When Schumacher's scarlet red Ferrari careered into the tyre wall at 120 mph on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix, many spectators thought back to Ayrton Senna's fatal accident at Imola in 1994 and immediately feared the worst. His survival, albeit with a badly broken leg, was testimony to the ever-improving safety levels in modern Formula 1. But with his Championship challenge destroyed for another year, Michael found himself with a new challenge: to return to fitness in time for the 2000 season, and to pick up the mantle for Ferrari once more.
In SCHUMI, Alan Henry describes how the German wunderkind rose to that challenge, concluding his story at the beginning of the 2000 season. Much more than that, however, Henry also describes in revealing detail Schumacher's arrival in Formula 1 back in 1991, his controversial Championship-winning years with Bennetton, and his subsequent life as 'the saviour of Ferrari.

Michael Schumacher: the Quest for Redemption - Also from the UK
James Allen / Hardcover / February 1999

After a collision with rival Villeneuve in Jerez, Michael Schumacher was disqualified and damage to his image seemed irreparable. James Allen provides this story of Ferrari's 1998 season, the quest for the world title and the redemption of Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher: Defending the Crown

Michael Schumacher: Defending the Crown - Also from the UK - Canada
Christopher Hilton / Paperback / March 1996

By the early summer of 1995 Michael Schumacher had become one of the most controversial sportsmen in the world. Almost daily, he was embroiled in torments, traumas and triumphs as he defended his Formula 1 World Championship. And after the fourth race of the season he led his rival Damon Hill by a single point, setting up the rest of the season for another classic contest. This book captures in detail the controversies of early 1995: the storm when Schumacher lost a stone in weight during the Brazilian Grand Prix, how he almost drowned on holiday after the race, and how he and many others went to verbal war.

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