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The Heretic

23 April: The FIA have announced radical proposals for the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship at the end of the current Concorde Agreement. Following is a statement outlining these proposals:


  • 2.4 litre V8;

  • maximum of four valves per cylinder;

  • two-race engine (fool-proof method for ensuring this rule is observed, plus
    carefully calculated penalty system for unscheduled changes);

  • list of components which must be made from a specific material and/or using a
    specified manufacturing process;

  • ban on variable geometry inlet and exhaust systems;

  • standard ECU (under FIA control)

  • ban on ultra high pressure (direct injection) fuel systems enforced by means of
    FIA ECU;

  • maximum modulus of elasticity (stiffness) of materials reduced from 40 Gpa to 32
    Gpa (throughout car).

  • Transmission, braking and steering

  • manual gearbox with electronic over-rev safeguard;

  • manually operated clutch;

  • ban on electronically controlled differentials;

  • ban on power steering systems;

  • standard brake discs, pads and calipers.


  • weight limit reduced by at least 50 kilos (to eliminate ballast and thus reduce
    kinetic energy in an accident);

  • a combined tyre and aerodynamic package to be published no later than 31
    December 2004 to achieve specific targets for cornering speeds, straight-line
    speeds, grip and braking performance, taking weight reduction into acount;

  • tyre (wheel) width reduced at front, increased at rear to allow weight distribution
    consistent with no ballast and to give greater drag (total of front +rear widths to
    stay same).


  • no spare car allowed during entire Event;

  • cars to be held under parc fermé conditions during entire Event;

  • one tyre supplier only, all sporting aspects of supply contract under control of FIA;

  • drastic restriction on private testing, limited by mileage rather than number of
    days, enforced by means of FIA ECU;

  • two (identical) sets of tyres for qualifying and race;

  • Friday practice: package to ensure cars run, possibly to include a qualifying

  • new qualifying system to be discussed with commercial rights holder
    (broadcasters), teams and race promoters;

  • if qualifying continues to be with race fuel, consider whether amount of fuel in
    refuelling rig before race should be fixed annually in sporting regulations with
    amount of fuel in car for qualifying and race free (to encourage fuel efficiency);

  • no tyre change during race (except genuine puncture), refuelling to stay;

  • consider if constructors’ points should be scored by a maximum of four specified
    cars (two teams) per constructor (to encourage major teams to make cars and
    information available to teams coming into Formula One, see below);


  • no restriction on the sale, loan or exchange of chassis and components between
    teams or to new entrants in the Championship;

  • twelve entries to be accepted each year, entries to close on 1 July for following

  • guaranteed entries each year for teams with long-term contracts to compete in

  • technical and sporting rule changes for future seasons to be subject to a majority
    vote of the teams already contracted to compete during the season in which the
    rule changes will apply;

  • technical rule changes concerning Formula One to be announced in June to take
    effect on 1 January of the second year following the announcement (for example,
    a technical rule change for 2012 would be announced no later than 1 July 2010,
    having first been approved by a majority of the teams already contracted to
    participate in 2012);

  • no rule changes after entries close for a given Championship without consent of
    all accepted teams.

Click here for the main F1 Regulations Page
Full Press Release from the FIA

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