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Formula 1 News - March, 2008
Kubica talks down BMW's victory target

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Mar.10 (GMM) Robert Kubica has described BMW Sauber's official target to win its first grand prix in 2008 as currently "impossible" with the F1.08 single seater.

The German squad insists that, despite a less than perfect pre-season for the Swiss built car, the target of beating Ferrari and McLaren to the top step of the podium at least once this year still stands.

But Kubica, the team's Polish race driver, reckons even BMW's mantle as the third force in formula one is "in danger" in 2008.

"To win a race we have to have the fastest car in the field. For the moment, we are not there, but we are working on it and we will see if we can achieve that goal," he said.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo also asked Kubica, who is 23, if he thinks BMW Sauber's victory goal is realistic for this season.

"At the moment it is impossible for us to win a race, but in formula one it can turn around so quickly.

"The plan is very ambitious. The goal is to improve each season. Last year we were third (fastest), so the next target is very high."

He suggests that BMW's real target could be to confirm the team's place as a consistent challenger.

"We must demonstrate that last year was not just a fluke; that we know how to make fast cars," Kubica said.

He also insists that BMW's high ambition for 2008 does not put him under any extra pressure.

"I don't think about the targets," Kubica said. "My only goal is to drive as fast as possible and make the most of the car; which could be finishing sixth or winning the race.

"I will make sure I give everything I can and then we will see where we are.

"Every driver wants to win, but I know that it might not happen this year, or next year, or ever.

"I hope that I can win some time, but if I cannot, then that's life," Kubica said.

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