Schu still a ‘sensitive issue’ at ski crash site – report

Dec.30 (GMM) Exactly a year after Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident, the Meribel resort director wants to move on.

As the world looks back to 29 December 2013, when the most successful driver in grand prix history famously fell and struck his head on a snow-covered rock, a reporter for the major German newspaper Bild-Zeitung returned to the crash site.

It is Meribel, in the French alps, where on Monday correspondent Nicola Pohl revealed that “Michael Schumacher is still a sensitive issue”.

She said: “There is no fence to keep skiers and snowboarders away from the hidden rocks under fresh snow.

“Fresh tracks show that at least ten skiers passed through just this morning.”

The resort is run by a company called Alpina, and resort director Jean-Louis Leger-Mattei insisted: “What happened with Michael Schumacher was long ago and not our fault.

“The accident happened outside of the marked pistes. Why should we close something off? There have been no further accidents there.”

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