Hamilton questions F1’s ‘green’ credentials

Apr.10 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has questioned F1’s need to boast its environmental credentials through the engine regulations.

Partly to portray a ‘green’ image, the sport last year switched to fuel-restricted, 1.6 litre turbo V6 engines, and Mercedes immediately sped into the lead.

Hamilton is now the reigning world champion and 2015 points leader, but he told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper he misses the scream of the now-departed V8 and V10 era.

“I do care about the environment, absolutely,” the Briton insisted. “I love nature, I love trees, I love wildlife. I love the plants and all that.

“But do I feel our little race makes a big difference to the environment? Probably not,” Hamilton said in Shanghai, “considering you have a billion cars going round here, planes that sort of thing, power stations.”

Perhaps noting that Hamilton was echoing the complaints and arguments about the current rules by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, Express correspondent Gary Chappell wondered if the 30-year-old’s response had been “pre-prepared”.

Hamilton continued: “When I think about the sport I think it’s important for us to be leaders because all it takes is one person to do the right thing and others will follow.

“But do I miss the noise of the old cars? Yes. If we can have clean efficient cars that make lots of noise like the old ones then that would be pretty cool.”

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