Hulkenberg no fan of closing F1 cockpit

Feb.22 (GMM) Nico Hulkenberg has admitted he is not among those who support the closing of the cockpits in formula one.

It is believed F1 is close to adopting the so-called ‘halo’ concept for 2017, to reduce the risk of head injuries.

GPDA chief Alex Wurz had said the initiative has the full support of the drivers, but Hulkenberg said: “For me it’s a personal thing, but I just think formula one cars should remain open.”

Asked if he simply doesn’t like the look of the ‘halo’, he added: “No, nothing like that. I just think that in general, open-wheel cockpits should be open.”

Hulkenberg’s view is interesting given that, in 2015, he won Le Mans with the closed-cockpit Porsche, but he explained: “That’s something else. Prototypes have always looked like that.

“Single seaters were always open and they should stay open,” the German added.

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