Vandoorne unsure of Honda fix timing

Apr.7 (GMM) Stoffel Vandoorne says he doesn’t know how long it will take McLaren-Honda to fix its current problems.

So dire is the Anglo-Japanese collaboration’s situation early in 2017 that rumours of a split are rife.

Indeed, after Melbourne, team figures have warned that Shanghai will be even worse for the 2017 package, with up to a 160hp deficit possible after halfway down the long straight.

So when asked how long it will take for a fix, rookie driver Vandoorne answered: “It’s too early to make predictions.

“But it’s true that between the tests and the first race Honda already made progress. My car got to the finish and Fernando’s almost did, although there is still much to be done.

“How much time will it take? I’m not sure but let’s see what will happen. McLaren and Honda are doing everything possible, as quickly as possible to solve the problems and make the car faster,” said the Belgian.

Indeed, already in Shanghai a radical new ‘T-wing’ has been added to the car, although Vandoorne admitted that one driver will sometimes have to go without the new parts.

“For myself and Fernando, in this situation, we will go all out and squeeze everything out of the car. Hopefully one day our efforts will be rewarded,” he said.

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