Teams hit out at fuel allowance increase

May 3 (GMM) Some F1 teams have hit out at the FIA’s decision to increase the in-race fuel allowance for 2019.

To stop drivers from needing to ‘lift and coast’ and save duel during races next year, the fuel allowance is increasing from 105 to 110kg.

“It’s a strange decision,” Williams technical boss Paddy Lowe said.

“The hybrid era is about increasing energy efficiency, and limiting fuel was part of that. If some teams have more problems than others, then that’s their fault from a design point of view.

“Increasing fuel is a backwards step in this energy efficiency, and I think it damages the sport,” Lowe told France’s Auto Hebdo.

A technical representative for Force India – another Mercedes-powered team – agreed with Lowe.

But Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul insisted: “Fuel economy does not comply with the principles of formula one.

“Drivers attacking to be the fastest is what our sport is about, not the need to protect the engine, control fuel consumption and look after tyres. That may be other racing series, but it’s not formula one,” he added.

As for the Mercedes-powered teams’ objection to the change, Abiteboul answered: “I understand their position, but fuel consumption will still be limited.

“Increasing the amount of fuel by 5kg does not require a change in the concept of the power unit. It would surprise me if they lose anything,” he said.

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