Schumacher keen on accepting Wolff’s offer

Nov.20 (GMM) Mick Schumacher seems keen to take up Toto Wolff’s offer of a role with the Mercedes team next year.

Having lost his Haas seat, and failed to secure a cockpit elsewhere, it appears as though a Mercedes reserve role is the best option for the 23-year-old.

Amid rumours his contract with the Ferrari driver academy will also not be renewed for 2023, Mattia Binotto said he won’t block Schumacher’s move to Mercedes.

“After Haas has decided for a different choice for a next season, we will need to sit down with Mick really to decide what’s the best for his future,” said the Ferrari boss.

“We don’t have any seat for him right now, and I think what’s most important, when you are so young in your career, is to make sure you get whatever the best opportunity is for you.

“We will be fully open to different choices,” the Italian added.

Mercedes boss Wolff is already at the stage where he is inviting Schumacher’s management to sit down for contract talkis.

“We believe that we can look after him but we haven’t really put pen to paper. We haven’t really come anywhere close to any terms,” he insisted.

“I’m seeing it that openly because I think he just fits and now we need to make it happen, if he wants to, Sabine (Kehm) wants to and then we see we see where that goes to,” Wolff added.

German Schumacher, 23, admitted that Mercedes is “one of” his options for next year.

“Mercedes is a great brand, their achievements in Formula 1 are incredible,” he said. “I’m looking at my options and Mercedes is one of them.

“My father switched from Ferrari to Mercedes too so I see no reason why not. I have time now so will look at all the options and hopefully make the decision,” Schumacher added.

“But it’s very nice to hear what Mercedes and especially Toto have said.”

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