Magnussen steps away from teammate’s Haas criticism

Nov.28 (GMM) Kevin Magnussen has declined to follow in the wheel-tracks of his teammate Nico Hulkenberg in stepping up his criticism of the Haas team.

Hulkenberg has been causing a stir at recent races by beginning to call for fundamental changes at the small American team, particularly in the wake of the total failure of the highly-anticipated ‘B’-spec car.

“Gunther (Steiner) and the others in the management have to ask some serious questions and look at all areas,” the German said. “Does something need to change with the structure, personnel or something else?

“I want to believe that it will happen in the coming weeks,” said Hulkenberg.

But Magnussen, who famously told Hulkenberg to “s*ck my balls” after their confrontation after a race in 2017, told Ekstra Bladet newspaper that he won’t be joining his teammate in aiming fire at their struggling employer.

“It doesn’t help the team at all to do that,” he insisted. “It’s a team sport.

“We all play a role and all have a responsibility. I don’t want to stand here and sound holy,” the 31-year-old Danish driver added. “I’m part of the problem, that’s how I see it.

“Just like every single team member at Haas.”

What Magnussen does agree with Hulkenberg about, however, is that finishing dead last in the world championship is not a lot of fun.

“It builds character and strengthens you,” he said. “You become resilient in hard times. But no, it’s not something I enjoy.

“I haven’t enjoyed this season very much,” Magnussen admits. “But there is always a new day, and next year another great opportunity that awaits us.

“The team has shown potential for a long time. The talent and the potential in the team is great, honestly. So I want to be there to push that development and show what we are capable of.”

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