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6 'n' Pole - Rules and Scoring 2002   

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Register Now! Submit Your Picks

Submitting a pick :

A player can submit a pick for any race any time as long as the pick is submitted prior to the start of the first practice session. This is usually on the Friday preceding the race although practice for Monaco starts on Thursday. No picks will be accepted if sent after the start of the 1st Practice Session of the Grand Prix weekend. 

In order to submit your picks, you must first register. Once registered, you can submit your pick by clicking here. If you have difficulties using that page then click here. If that still fails, you can email your picks to [email protected]. You must enter in the email exactly the same details required as on the web pages.

Picks may be carried over for any number of races.

If you fail to send in a pick for a race, or if your pick arrives too late to be counted, your pick for the previous race will be used again, your pick will be carried for every race until you put in another pick (e.g., if you fail to enter a pick for race #3, race #2's pick will be used for race#3 and all the subsequent races you fail to send in a pick for).

If a driver you pick is replaced by the team temporarily due to injury or sickness, your score will be based on the result of the replacement driver. If the replacement is permanent, then you must change your picks.

Scoring :

You score points for each race based on how well your picks match the actual race results. If a race result is not confirmed by the FIA due to a protest or infringement. The scoring for that race will be delayed until a result is confirmed by the FIA.

For each driver that you picked, you score points based on where the driver finished with bonus points if you predicted the exact position. The points are awarded as follows :

Position Points
1st 6
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1
7th and beyond 0

2 bonus points will be awarded if you pick the exact position. If you don't pick the exact finishing position but they still finish in the top 6 then you will score the normal awarded points if the actual position is lower than the predicted position otherwise points for the predicted position will be used.

Some examples:

You picked Alonso to finish 1st and he finished :

Position You Score
1st 6+2= 8
2nd 5
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1

You picked Bernoldi to finish 2nd and he finished :

Position You Score
1st 5 - because you didn't pick him any higher than 2nd
2nd 5+2 = 7
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1

You picked Mazzacane to finish 3rd and he finished :

Position You Score
1st 4 - because you didn't pick him any higher than 3rd
2nd 4 - because you didn't pick him any higher than 3rd
3rd 4+2 = 6
4th 3
5th 2
6th 1

For Pole position, if the driver you pick is among the top 3 fastest drivers in qualifying, you'll score :

Position You Score
1st 4
2nd 2
3rd 1

Additional points are awarded if your pick contains 4 or more drivers who actually finish in the top 6 (regardless of the order) as long as your pole pick is one of the 3 fastest in qualifying as follows:

4 drivers in the top 6 : 2 bonus points
5 drivers in the top 6 : 4 bonus points
6 drivers in the top 6 : 8 bonus points

A complete example:

For the Grand Prix of Austria, Jim submitted the following picks:

Winner: Kimi Raikkonen
Second: Enrique Bernoldi
Third: Felipe Massa
Fourth: Allan McNish
Fifth: Takuma Sato
Sixth: Mark Webber
Pole: Felipe Massa

The actual race results were:

Winner: Felipe Massa
Second: Kimi Raikkonen
Third: Nick Heidfeld
Fourth: Mark Webber
Fifth: Takuma Sato
Sixth: Enrique Bernoldi
Pole: Takuma Sato with Felipe Massa second and Allan McNish third on the grid.

Jim would score as follows:

For driver: Jim scores Explanation
Kimi Raikkonen 5 While Jim predicted Raikkonen to win the race, he only managed 2nd so Jim scores 5 points.
Enrique Bernoldi 1 While Jim predicted Bernoldi to finish 2nd, he only managed 6th so Jim scores 1 point.
Felipe Massa 4 Even though Massa won the race, Jim would only receive points for the position he predicted Massa to finish in so he scores 4 points.
Allan McNish 0 Jim scores 0 points as McNish did not finish in the top 6.
Takuma Sato 2 + 2 bonus = 4 Jim scores 4 points as he predicted that Sato would finish in 5th place and that is exactly where he finished.
Mark Webber 1 Even though Webber finished in 4th place, Jim would only receive points for the position he predicted Webber to finish in so he scores 1 point.
Felipe Massa 2 for pole Jim predicted Massa to be on pole but he only managed second on the grid and therefore scored 2 points.
Additional Points 4 5 drivers in the top 6 and Pole pick in the top 3 fastest for qualifying
Total 21

The maximum points per race is 45. That is 
8+7+6+5+4+3 for the top 6 in exactly the order they finished + 
4 for Pole + 
8 for having all 6 drivers picked in the top 6 and the pole pick is one of the 3 fastest in qualifying
Total = 45

If you have any further questions please contact the competition administrator at [email protected]


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2006 8 'n' Pole
Major Prizes

Grand Prize
�250 British Pounds Gift Certificate from BookF1

Second Prize
$150 US Dollars
Gift Certificate from a choice of suppliers

Third Prize
$100 Australian Dollars Gift Certificate from The Pitstop Bookshop



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