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Mac and Lauren is the brainchild of Lisa Dennis, the wife of Team McLaren Mercedes CEO Ron Dennis. She has created a fantasy world of Grand Prix racing action where the cars are the stars

Double Trouble

Double Trouble (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / March 2005

Bruno is up to his usual tricks when the cars arrive on St Helene Island for the Canadian Grand Prix. He has coerced a robot-double of himself into helping him win the race. However his devious plan hits a snag - quite literally - when an errant beaver wanders onto the track with a large log and his trick goes up in smoke

Lost Laps

Lost Laps (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / To be published

In Lost Laps the F1 cars arrive in Sao Paolo for the Brazilian Grand Prix. It's a chaotic, glitzy location but not without danger... as Lucky discovers in a shocking episode when his team-mate, Roxy, is carnapped during a sponsors' party. Will Roxy be rescued in time for the end of the race? And will the villains be caught? This is a high-paced story with nail-biting excitement

Bruno's Blunders

Bruno's Blunders (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / May 2004

Bruno proudly remembers a race where he excelled. As he talks us through his memories from being in transit, to the qualifying round, to the warm up and finally to the race itself with the action in the pits and the glory on the winners' podium, there are stickers which animate each spread and bring the story to life. However Lauren's recollection is that perhaps things weren't exactly as Bruno recalls them!

Computer's Challenge

Computer's Challenge (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / May 2004

Paint Problems

Paint Problems (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published November 2003

Mac & Lauren and the gang can't wait to race in the Grand Prix at Monaco - whoever wins gets to meet the Prince at a special party! Roxy's extra-excited because she's getting a new paint job from her team's new sponsor, just in time for the race. But the end result is not what she expected, and soon she's speeding round under a sheet! Can Mac and Lauren show her that it's what's inside that counts?

Penalty Points

Penalty Points (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published November 2003

The teams are in Monza. Cheered on by the crowd, Franco starts to show off and soon clocks up so many penalty points that he has no chance at all of winning the race. When the crowd starts to boo him, Franco is mortified until Mac and Lauren point out that is not how you look that makes you popular, but how you act...

Dazed Down Under

Dazed Down Under (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published March 2003

The cars are caged in on the long flight to Australia. Harry is pleased when Bruno and Maddy want to be his new best friends. But is friendship all they're after? Soon Harry's being hassled to play a dangerous joke, and it's computerised chaos on the track. As Mac struggles to help his friends, Lauren must burn down to scary Race Control to set things right -but she's helped by some special Aussie wildlife...

The High Speed World of Mac and Lauren

The High Speed World of Mac and Lauren (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Paperback / Published March 2003

5-4-3-2-1 - Lights out! This book gives you the lowdown on the wildest racers you'll ever meet - Mac & Lauren and their fast and furious friends! It's crammed with facts and figures on each of the cars, and you'll get the inside scoop on what happens in the pits... learn the secrets of keeping safe when you're racing at top speed... discover the technological tricks of Computer control and masses more. So if you ever wanted to get to grips with Grand Prix Mac & Lauren style, this book is your indispensable guide to their incredible, high-speed world! Pick up the pace and WIN THE RACE!

Melting Miles

Melting Miles (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published March 2003

The temperature's soaring as the cars gather for the big race in Malaysia. In fact it's so hot, a lot of the cars are skipping the safety checks and coming close to meltdown - even Mac & Lauren are feeling the heat! Only Christian Crane and Charlie Chopper can save the day and cool down the cars - but after all the rude names Bruno and Maddy have hurled their way, they're way down in the dumps...

Flag Fun

Fair Play (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published September 2002

There's tension in the air at Japan's Grand Prix in Suzuka with the World Championship at stake. Racing rivalries between Mac & Lauren's friends are at fever pitch, Maddy's out to make sure that Marco and Franco fall out, and Bruno's bullying a little funfair go-kart into helping him cheat. As Mac & Lauren fight for fair play, the scene is set for a scorching final lap...

Flag Fun!

Flag Fun! (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published September 2002

Mac & Lauren and the gang are in the USA, gearing up for the Indianapolis Grand Prix. But what they don't know is that a wicked plan is afoot to steal the officials' flags - which means Bruno and Maddy can cheat all they like and never be disqualified! Join Mac & Lauren as they chase down the cheats and flag up the fun!

Fuel Fools

Fuel Fools (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published July 2002

Mac & Lauren are trying out a new top-secret fuel that will make them go faster than ever before - but some of their racing rivals will stop at nothing to steal it for themselves! Can Mac & Lauren stop the full-throttle thieves from finishing first with their fuel?

Rainy Races

Rainy Races (Mac and Lauren)
Lisa Dennis / Hardcover / Published July 2002

Storm clouds are gathering over the Grand Prix at Silverstone - so why do Sammy Satellite and Wendy Wind Monitor insist it's going to be a beautiful day? Mac & Lauren must cope with Bruno's cheating, Franco's preening, wild and windy weather and animals on the track, but they're determined to make a splash - whatever the weather!

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